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Thread: How do you keep FSX interesting?

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    Default How do you keep FSX interesting?

    Hi folks,

    What do you do on FSX to keep things interesting? Fun addons? try different planes? practice non-normal procedures? do ATW trips? VatSim? FSPassenger? Missions? etc

    I'm just trying to get ideas to keep FSX fresh.

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    I rather enjoyed this.
    Also Gera Godoy Canova has a lot of interresting missions.

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    I tried landing a 747 on a 5000 ft. runway after drinking a six pack of Becks once. The nose gear wasn't to happy but I was .
    Dave Opper
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    Try mixing it up a bit! Put a check in the box at the bottom of the missions to make changes. Try the Telluride mission with a 747 at night with a blazing thunderstorm! I landed that only once! Great add-on scenery here like the upgrade for Saba about 25 miles from Princess Juliana-St. Martens also the scenery upgrade for Juliana itself. Except that will kinda goof up the reward for the Caribbean Landing Mission! Keep 'em flying!

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    VATSIM or IVAO keep it fresh, and my newest fun is live streaming the game

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    I sometimes like to try landing in puddles in people's back yards.
    This is the default FSX scenery in Florida a few miles SW of Palm Beach Airport (KLNA), there are swampy lakes everywhere,


    PS- This thread will never die as people keep adding to it so I've had the bright idea of doing this INDEX of the main posts, I'll also post it at intervals throughout the thread and edit updates into it.
    (Note the page numbers are with the Default forum setting which gives 10 posts per page)

    p1- Swampy puddles (also pp33/34)

    p2- Photoreal cross-country.
    Interesting Airfields and Flights.
    Bell X-1.

    p3- Glider assault.

    p4- Thermals (also p5 and p8).
    Map printout and bad weather flying.

    p5- Earhart's last flight.
    Livery art.
    Hang glider.
    Thermals (also p4 and 8).

    p6- Glider tow.
    Carrier (also on p7,18 and 35).

    p7- Carrier (also p6, 18 and 35).

    p8- Dole air race.
    Thermals (also p3 and p5).

    p14- Terrain mods.

    p15- Aspen approach in snow.

    p16- Default NY.

    p17- Boeing 737.

    p18- Helipads.
    Iris Texan with FTX and XOPI.
    Carrier (also p6,7 and 35).

    p19- Turbo Duke avionics.

    p20- Intercepting AI aircraft (also p22).

    p22- Following roads.

    p25- Photothread link.
    Flight 19 final flight route.

    p26- Leadville high-altitude takeoffs.

    p27- Parachute jumper.
    Jurassic flight.

    p28- Archaeology.

    p29- Landing into Eagle, Colorado.

    p30- Trike ultralight.

    p31/32- Chopper roofpad landing.
    Hiller H-23 heli writeup.

    p33- Overheated engine blows (also p42)
    Sextant navigation.
    Swampy puddles (also pp1/34).

    p34- Swampy puddles (also p1/p33).
    Kingsford Smith trans-Pacific flight.
    STOL operations.

    p35- Eyepoints and seat raise.
    Carrier (also p6,7 and 18).
    Dials HUD-style.
    DME flying.

    p37- Zoom and Viewpoint examples

    p42- Hot stuff, engine fires (also p33)

    p46- Pacific atoll navigation
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    I like learning how to make missions, learning how FSX works and playing around with the aircraft and other files. The most fun is learning how to navigate the old fashioned way using general aircraft. There is so much information and addons, freeware and payware, that I have yet to be bored and oft times don't have enough time to do everything that I run across and would like to investigate further. Always need to leave enough time for flying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bretwizer View Post
    ..The most fun is learning how to navigate the old fashioned way using general aircraft..
    Yay, it's challenging fun to navigate on photo-real scenery by simply following roads, rivers, rails etc; here's my freeware Tiger Moth over Henley-on-Thames using a strip of GenX photoreal southern England scenery with the Treescapes prog added to provide 3D trees-

    And I sit with a paper map on my lap, tracing my finger along it as i go. Here's the Henley area, i've got great respect for old time flyers who had to do it for real, often in bad weather especially in fast kites like Spitfires-
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    Then of course there are a zillion addon aircraft to try, (many FS2004 will work in FSX), some are more challenging than others, such as this freeware Geebee Racer.
    The major obstacle for us to overcome is the fact that it doesn't want to fly!
    Just look at it, it's basically an unstreamilned engine with short stubby wings with a high wing loading making it prone to G-stall at the drop of a hat.
    You don't fly it, you have to nanny it, and without flaps to slow it down landings are little more than russian roulette.
    It's certainly one of the hardest things to fly in any flight sim i've had, and if you can fly it --and still walk away after landing-- you can fly anything!

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    Join a VA

    Fly using FS Economy

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