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    I got the pro usb rudder pedals. I always did have the common problem with the planes going to the right on take off. But i guess it seems worse with the pedals. Is there a way to fix this problem. How do u calabrate rudder pedals anyway? I did have the same problem with the sidewinder joystick as well. Its realy annoying when landing because as soon as i hit the runway it goes to the right. I mean i bet that scares the hell out of my passengers lol :) Any help is always welcomed and appricated.

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    I have always had this problem with the CH Yoke (USB).
    Even though perfectly calibrated, Fs2002 always loads up with a full right input from the yoke.

    Cycling the yoke fully left to right AFTER FS2002 has loaded up cures this every time and returns the yoke to dead centre.

    You might want to try this with your pedals.

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    I get around the problem by adjusting the pedal null zone slider.

    Options>contols>sensitivities>choose pedals>move null slider to the right.

    If you have the CH products pedals USB, there is a control manager you can download to calibrate the pedals.
    I still have to alter the null zone slider.

    Hope this helps.

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    I have the flight sim yoke and pro rudder pedals, both USB and just used them with XP right out of the box. No manager program just the default settings. No problems with full deflections or airplanes that want to visit the trees along the runway. I am even using a USB hub to handle all the stuff plugged in.

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    There is a modul called FSUIPC, which is something like a add on for FS2002. Beside lots of other things this modul can help you to calibrate your rudders. Guess it can be d/l here at FlightSim.

    If you still have problems whith too sensitive rudder response on ground, try out my tip published at the Flight Sim Veterans FS2002 Tips - Landing, Taxiing, Steering - headline "change oversensible steering on ground"

    Hope this helps, Jonas

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