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Thread: Tom Ruth's A300 speed issues.

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    Default Tom Ruth's A300 speed issues.


    I've been flying with the Thomas Ruth's A300 full package, but something that has been happening, make me think about its actual quality. I don't want to say it's a bad freeware package, because it's ot, but the T/O time is really short. For example, I took the A300-600F, fully loaded with cargo and fuel, and tried to take-off at London Stansted.
    It's runway measures 10000ft, about 3km.
    I researched the A300-600F take-off run fully loaded and it's about 2 or 2 1/2 km.
    So, I throttle-up for T/O power and I had V1 and Vr at almost 1 1/4 km.

    Can somebody help me?

    Thanks, Luis

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    Yeah Mr. Ruth admits himself that he is not a master of the FDE. Some are superb, others a little lacking.

    In the aircraft.cfg you can try adjusting a few things:
    static_thrust = 61500 // Reduce Peak Thrust available. May cause lack of power at altitude.

    thrust_scalar = 1.0 // or Reduce the Thrust scaling. May cause same lack of power at altitude.

    cruise_lift_scalar=1.0 //You can reduce the available lift requiring more speed.
    parasite_drag_scalar=1.0 //Most prominent; Skin friction and Airframe(Fuse,Wing/Stabs) drag

    You can also increase the Flaps' drag scalars to require more power only when they are deployed.

    It takes a LOT of trial and error to get it tuned so it will still cruise properly. You don't want to need 95% N1 to cruise at 0.80m/FL360...Don
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    The alternative is far worse!
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    I suggest making a back up of the aircraft.cfg file. Name it aircraft.old or something.

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    Yea, I just discovered this gem just last night. What a nice piece of software. But you guys are right, sometimes I feel like I am in a bit of a "STOL", ha! Has anyone created a FDE they are proud of and want to share?


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    Ok, thanks fxsttcb for the info, I did what you told me and I could extend the T/O distance by about 300 mts. Thank you very much.

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