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Thread: Victoria BC Airport ILS problems

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    Default Victoria BC Airport ILS problems

    I've tried an ILS landing on Runway 270 on the airport at Victoria BC (CYYJ).

    Used many aircraft including Quality Wings 757 and Justflight 757.

    I turn north from Friday Island at 1600 feet, with the autopilot set on:
    Course 270
    ILS turned on
    Nav 1 tuned to 108.70.

    After intercepting the ILS antenna, all times I've tried, the aircraft will veer to the NE, seemingly trying to land on Rwy 9.
    Also the aircraft loses height quickly; perhaps I should set altitude hold to 1600 feet until final.
    I've succeeded once.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Many thanks
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    Shouldn't your course be set to 267?
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    We could use a screenshot of your panel as this happens: once the localizer is captured you should be switching the a/p from 'Nav' to 'Approach'.

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    Common ILS/DME frequencies can often cause that problem in FSX. Verify that IYJ(../-.--/.---) is tuned before engaging App Hold.
    I don't have either of those planes, but, most of my fully functional MFDs also display the tuned Nav/ADF Alpha ID.

    When I run into that kind of situation. I set the Stby freq on Nav1, and wait until I'm on my base leg, or 30deg to final via ATC, before flipping it to the Active...Don
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    Thanks very much. I will work on your suggestions.

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    Runway 09 and 27 both use the same freq for ILS, you most likely are locking on to the 09 ILS. You can confirm this by listening to the ident.

    Good luck
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    That's why there's morse code identifiers. Turn the audio on for Nav 1 radio and check to see if you're getting the same morse code. If not... then you got the wrong runway. Both RWYs use the same freq and a common freq in FSX might be a problem, I don't know. I'll try flying this today. I've flown this approach and (09) in real life many times and for a flight test, in real the tower just flips a switch to change direction of signal and morse code identifier. It has happened were someone was on approach and they start getting opposite indications and they've asked tower about it and they just flip the switch.

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    The RWY 27 localizer is offset.
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    A couple points if I may.

    First off, Friday Harbor is a town on San Juan Island, there is no Friday Island.

    Second, asking an autopilot to grab a localizer at close to a 90 degree heading is asking too much. Shallow up your approach angle to less than 45 degrees, which means you might want to be further to the East.

    I also think 1600 feet ASL is too low, I would be 600 to 800 feet higher. Intercepting the glideslope at 1600 feet in a transport category aircraft does not give you much time to prepare for landing. The folks on San Juan Island will be happier also

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    Default Image of cockpit on approach

    Name:  Victoria landing cockpit #4 small 04-14-12.jpg
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    Actually I turn north about 9 miles south of Friday Harbor. And thanks I will be at 2200 feet.

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