At the close of our first week in business, I'm pleased to report that American Legend Airlines has managed to recruit pilots, log flights, and start an active forum for our members. American Legend is officially a living, breathing virtual airline. If you've been on the fence, come check us out!

Before you think "oh no, not another virtual airline!" rest assured: You've never seen a virtual airline like this. American Legend Airlines seeks to realistically simulate a mid-size national carrier, currently doing business in the year 1952. We'll simulate the progression of time with the expansion of the fleet and route structure as new aircraft become available and the airline continues to meet its goals.

Unique features include:
-Scratch-built, hand-coded interactive website
-Realistic timetable with airports named as they were in 1952
-Beautiful, period-appropriate livery with over 250 fleet downloads last week
-"Business model" where success and progress of the airline depends on individual pilots' contributions and on-time performance

If you're ready for a fresh take on the meaning of a virtual airline, with a unique and realistic premise, come check us out.