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    I'm trying to put the RXP GNS 530/430 units in my bonanza but have discovered a bit of a confusing problem. It seems no matter what I do to the panel.cfg file nothing changes, up to and including completely removing it from the "panel" folder. So my guess is it is getting its information from somewhere else. According to the aircraft.cfg file it should be getting it from the panel folder but again the issue is I'm not seeing any of my changes. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be going on?

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    My guess would be that you are running Win7 and have FS installed in the program files directory (the default), have UAC on and are not running your editor as administrator... or, you are not editing the panel.cfg in the panel folder in the Dreamfleet A36 subdirectory which is the only "real" panel.


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    I am running notepad (Editing the panel.cfg directly) as administrator. But I have no idea what UAC is so I can't say there.

    I'm editing the file in c:/programfiles(x86)/microsoftgames/flightsimulator9/aircraft/dreamfleeta36/panel

    It's really confusing cause it's not anything different than I'm doing with other aircraft and those are working just fine.

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    Ok, update. I googled what UAC was, turned it off. works like a champ/ well sort of. I've got a bunch of gauge names messed up so they don't work yet, but I'm getting black boxes where the gauges should be.

    Thanks for the help.

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    One problem solved, another one appears, As you can see since there's no need for a 3rd com radio I tried to make the "hole" smaller for my Xpndr and ADF. Simple paint editing, well apparently not. The colors are all messed up and the resolution fell on the floor and rolled under the couch. I'm not really sure how to describe what happened to the colors, the hues all changed and everything has a blue tint to it, except the gauges. I'm trying to upload a screen cap to alleviate my poor explanation skills, but it's telling me I have an invalid URL. I dunno some sort of corruption in the copy/paste process :/

    But I'll keep trying.

    Ha this worked

    did it work?
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