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Thread: Tension while Landing Boeing 737 in FSX Demo???

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    Default Tension while Landing Boeing 737 in FSX Demo???

    Hello, Dudes!

    Tension has been made foe me since many days.

    I’m unable to land Boeing 737-700 in FSX. I've imported it to Demo version of FSX from this site.

    I’ve used CRJ 700 so far and I easily take-off and land it with mouse. I just fly it on 1200ft altitude + 150Knots speed with auto pilot. I just down the flap to 90 degrees when I fly just 3nm away from landing runway and then switch off the autopilot and take control by mouse and see visually. Then CRJ slowly comes down on runway and land easily.

    But Boeing 737 is totally different from this. Please tell me same kind of things which I apply at CRJ 700 on B737 so that I would be able to land it (B737) easily too.

    Here are some questions too: What can I do to land easily?

    At how much nm away should I down the flaps to 90 as I do 3nm away of CRJ?
    At how much altitude should I down the flaps to 90 degrees as I do 1200ft at CRJ?
    At how much speed should I down the flaps to 90 degrees as I do 150knts on CRJ?

    OR Tell me any other method which can give same landing as of CRJ 700. I don’t use Heading, Course and frequencies etc. I cannot use frequency of the Airport because I’ve FSX DEMO.

    Please help me. I would be grateful to you.

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    None of those

    Full flap is 45 degrees

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    Buy the proper full FSX game, as all game demos are just demos and shouldn't be taken seriously..

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