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Thread: cessna 172 with G1000 start engines, lights and stuff

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    Question cessna 172 with G1000 start engines, lights and stuff

    I am trying to follow the check list and manually start engines and stuff on my own.

    Is the only way to view the light switches, and turn on the master switch is viewing it with F9 ?

    When flying the 172 without the G1000, I could view F10, and see all the light switches, fuel tank selector, avionics, and master switches.

    I wanted to reenact that with the G1000.

    The only way I can see the light switches is to view in F9, and move the yoke out of the view. (what about changing lights in-flight?)

    Cpt. Randall

    New Virtual Flyer

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    Just found it! (never fails) I used the views selection (alt key), and chose "Instrument Views | Switches"


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