Using Airport for Windows I've made perhaps a dozen or so VOR/DME on various tiny Pacific Islands. I made them all the same way, with some very simple scenery. The VOR on the highest point of the island, with the "Visible" box checked, a road from the VOR to the closest shore, and a boat offshore. All of this is so I can see it when I fly over it in case something goes wrong. As it has.

All of them work except for two, the ones on MaCauley Island and Antipodes island. I can see the VOR structure on the mountain, but when I go to World -> Map it is not there; and when I tune the radio to the right frequency it does not pick up anything. There is one other thing. There are no autogen trees at all on Antipodes, and no autogen trees on the top of MaCauley, around the VOR.

When I remove the MaCauley.bgl file, the trees reappear right to the top of the mountain. But when I remove Antipodes.BGL, still no trees.

This leads me to conclude that there is a phantom exclusion operating somewhere. But where? I've only added a little bit of my own scenery. and when I remove it all, there is no change. I've removed the sceneries through Scenery Library and physically deleted the BGl files and even the containing folders. Nothing seems to fix the problem, and it occurs only on these two islands. I have tried different file names, different names for the VORs, different frequencies. Nothing works. Any ideas where to go next?

Steve from Mudgee.