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Thread: Logger 1.0 Released (XML->HDD->XML)

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    Default Logger 1.0 Released (XML->HDD->XML)

    Logger is a FS2004 and FSX module that provides file read and write capability for XML gauges. Using Logger, up to several hundred different number or string variables of any type (A:, E:, P:, G:, L:, or fs9gps) can be written to or read from hard disk file each gauge update cycle. The module enables the XML user to write flight data recorder gauges, save and load flight plans, save and load initial values for XML gauges that cannot otherwise be saved with Flight Simís Save Flight, and record flights for subsequent playback as Google Earth Tracks and Tours ("video").

    The Logger module, installation and help file, file read and write format guide, and example XML applications can be downloaded here Additionally, several visually interesting Google Earth Tour and Track files as well as an Excel 2003 application that generates Google Earth .kml files are available.

    Logger was written by Robbie McElrath, author of BlackBox. Also in the pipeline for release soon is BlackBox3 which will integrate Logger file write capability into BlackBox.

    Feedback is solicited and welcome.



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    Thanks Bob, and Thank Robbie once again for the tools...Don
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