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Thread: Somewhat Disturbed on This in the "Fact Sheet"

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    Default Somewhat Disturbed on This in the "Fact Sheet"

    Who else wonders what they mean by this?

    Pricing: The starter pack is free to play and includes the Icon A5 and the Big Island of Hawaii. Pricing for game add-ons will vary.

    Does this mean that that's all that comes with the Starter pack at first? Now I definitely know I'm sticking with FSX! We didn't have to pay extra for more terrain and more aircraft. Only if we bought add-ons. What a crock. Microsoft, you did yourself in with this one.

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    i have my doubts about this game but let's stick to the topic. What they mean by this is that the game will feature a free demo including the hawaii island. Just like fsx came with a demo featuring some planes and tncm

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    It means exactly what it says.

    This product is not FSXI, as they've been saying all along it's something new and different.

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    But how will they set the add-ons and pricing? Will it be by continent, country, parts of countries and compare to scenery add-ons such as the ORBX series? If so, it's going to make it hellishly expensive for those who don't' want to be restricted to a single area...

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    The fact sheet and even the press release at their site almost read like a bad joke..........I think I stand corrected on what I've said in previous posts regarding the add-on market..........I'll just wait and see what the SDK is going to be about and what real add-on developers will be able to do. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope there is a good road ahead. I know one thing is for certain, if they lock regular folk out of the add-on market, may it be free or payware developers, they would essentially eliminate what made the simulator what it is, and that is not worth the extra few bucks. Anyone who can look back at the history of flight simulator knows that the ability for anyone to design scenery, aircraft and other add-ons is what gave it life. If MS is going to get into the add-on business, don't make it an exclusive ability. I think that would hurt the title, and the "Flight Simulator" series as we know it would be dead.

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    If this is true, I'm sad, but completely not suprised. It sounds like a demo right? one plane, one area.... But the 'starter pack' free to play... sounds like an attempt at an MMO from Flight... especilly coupled with the guff about social networking. Why code AI if you can force everyone to fly together? mayhaps... cue attempt at the vatsim market, and only, via windows/xbox live...
    The whole thing really isnt fs11... its a game, a flying game, unrelated, and while they think it will appeal, its not got a prayer.

    Want to fly something other than the one plane? buy it
    Want somewhere other than Hawaii? Buy it.


    Not gonna buy it.
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    It not really "free" there is no such thing in todays economical enviroment. It is a portal to the real pay as you go "game". Best have a killer ISP connection!
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    Unless they have come up with some ground breaking advances and optimization that make this new generation better looking and better performing, this is going to die very quickly. That would be the only reason any of us would move on to Flight over our old tested and and trusty FS9s and FSXs. And it would have to be a leap at that. I don't see it happening, especially since it looks like the same old engine repackaged one more time no matter how many times they swear its not. Just look at the screen shots that show you full detail vs reduced for performance... looks awfully familiar to me.

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    Actually, from the release date of the free part, you'll be able to purchase the entire hawaiian island chain.

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