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Thread: How to install skAI Traffic v2.3

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    Default How to install skAI Traffic v2.3

    I have installed skAI Traffic v2.3 on my PC, moved the files to FS9 folders and "nothing" happens. The screen looks like to be freezed when I run FS9. I see the FS9 airplane on screen and have to wait long time. No HDD activity. Do I have to configure some cfg file and how? I did not find this procedure for FS9 on internet.

    One more thing. I wonder why nobody did not install/uninstall to uninstall the files into the FS directory. This work to move the files is not hard, but what if I would like to move them back? I have just made files list before moving them.

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    Not sure you knew but SKAI Traffic is a bunch of files that have not been put together legally. So with that in mind this is closed.

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