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Thread: Mapping rudder to non-combined pedals? - (Logitech 940 brake pedals)

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    Question Mapping rudder to non-combined pedals? - (Logitech 940 brake pedals)

    I am using a Logitech 940 joystick and pedals for a gyrocopter simulator that I built. I have locked the movement of the 940's back/forward traditional rudder axis as I don't want to use that. Instead, I want to map the toe brake pedals to control left & right rudder axis. Or alternatively, make these two toe brakes into a combines axis so FSX will accept it. It seems that FSX only accepts a single axis for rudder control.

    Any advice would be great.

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    You could use glovepie and ppjoy to setup a virtual joystick that reports the combined toebrakes.

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