I tried looking in the earliest of post regarding these topics but found nothing.
Hopefully one of you can help me.... I recently purchased the DF 727 and I printed all the manuals however was unable to find operating procedures for the various entry/service doors. Sooooooo I was wondering if they all function? and if they are programmable or can they be assigned keys?
I know shift+E controls main entry L1, but what about the rest ie: L2, R1, R2 for the catering vehicles? (I use AES). Also how about the rear cargo hold?
I was able to open the fwd but not rear.
And what is a 727 on the ground without the rear air stair down? (D. B. Cooper's exit)
How does it open/close? Can these be assigned? I tried "wing fold" and "Tail hook" but unsuccessful.
Finally, I'm also wondering how to get the early version PW JT8D -7A's with the opening reverser buckets? (Clam shell doors)
Some where in here I read that the 727 did not have them. Not true. As a retired TWA mechanic I serviced many of them. It wasn't until the 727adv. came out with the PW JT8D-9A's that the clam shell doors were replaced with Cascade Vanes.

Any suggestions?

Sorry if posted in wrong area.