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Thread: Cessna 310 wont reinstall dreamfleet/flightone

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    Default Cessna 310 wont reinstall dreamfleet/flightone

    reinstalled FS2004 & my beloved Seven Charlie Mike Cessna 310 by DreamFleet and started a flight & no gauges again.
    Most all the gauges are blacked out..

    I contacted dreamfleet with Proof of Purchase Certificate, Certificate Number:xxxxx951 The following product: Cessna 310 by DreamFleet :
    Flight1 Wrapper Version 2.2x

    The reinstall is extremely clunky I have had some replies from presumeably a CS rep Jeff Smith but after 4 days & many attempts to reinstall a purchased item I still have no 310 on my flightline...
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    What operating system are you using?


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