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Thread: About Microsoft Flight

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    Post About Microsoft Flight

    We've known it was coming for some time, since August 17, 2010 when Microsoft first announced their new product "Microsoft Flight". For a long time we knew little about it but gradually Microsoft released more and more, with screen shots, videos and some news items with limited details.

    On December 1, 2011, the Microsoft team announced "the Microsoft Flight launch sequence has begun!" so the product really is real and is now possibly only months away from release.

    In that same announcement, a request for beta testers was made, with beta testing set to kick off in January 2012.

    We will keep you up to date with new information as we know it. In the meantime, be sure the visit to official Microsoft Flight web site for official information:

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    Microsoft invited a select group of community organizations to Redmond, Washington, for a preview and discussion regarding Microsoft's soon to be released FLIGHT simulator.
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    Any ideas yet on what the optimum system requirements will be?

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    Everything that is known is on the official site linked above. They have listed some examples of hardware they're testing the system on, but have not provided any official system specs.

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    I think the other big question (apart from system specs), will be the backwards compatibility of add on aircraft and scenery. I make use of a lot of add ons that developers spend huge amounts of time on that I get to use for free but like a lot of folk I have also invested quite a lot of cash on on aircraft and scenery, particularly scenery that enhances where I live. It would be nice to know if I'll be able to "take it with me" to Microsoft Flight.

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    Backwards compatability is the biggest road block to enhancements in performance, new features and new capabilities.

    I fully understand where you are coming from, but as we saw when FSX was released - a great many "FS2004" aircraft were using FS2000 gauge technology. We are going to lose some addons with every new version. And we have to remember and budget for that to happen.

    Of course, nothing keeps anyone from staying with a older version. FS2004 has a strong dedicate following.
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    Looking forward to the new "Flight" Yes I can see it coming that we are going to loose some of the "goodies" from 2004. Even some old stuff won't even work in 2004. I have stuck with 2004 as it has been the most stabile and easy to work with Sim So far, and most addon developer friendly so far. Just think if they would have upgraded 2004 with all the stuff available what a sim it would be, even more than it is now. And they said, the water is crappy, no moving cars, can't have cars going under bridges, scenery needs help. Thats just a tip of the icberg what 2004 offered with all the developers & still does, as opposed to FSX and the new Offering.. It was backward t0 FS98, and it still is forward to 2011 addons. Well time marches on. I hope to be a beta tester..

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    Backward compatibility very well might put a stranglehold on it. While I'd love to be able to use at least my FSX native add-ons, I'd much rather have the capability to run photo scenery on 2m mesh with PMDG class aircraft at 30+ FPS on a GOOD computer using multiple monitors, or possibly 3D.
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