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Thread: Take On Helicopters game and sim?

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    Default Take On Helicopters game and sim?

    Anyone else using this sim? I've been using it for a couple of weeks and have really enjoyed the challenge. Long time ago I flew helicopters occasionally in MFS but this sim is in a class of its own.

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    Just started using it too myself, the dynamics seem to be right on (as best I know at least! Never flown rotorwing IRL!) It is also a very beautiful sim! My main critism is that there is very little instruction on some mission. It's not always clear what your objective is! For example, earlier I was doing a mission where I must locate a boat that's fleeing the coast guard, I found it OK in the search area so the task changed to "Follow the Boat", which I did as it went round and round the bay, then when I got close to it, an "on Target" percentage came up and started counting up, so I must hover near the boat at a certain angle of vision or what!?! Who knows, shortly after I got too close and plonked my chopper in the drink and that was that! Also, for a simulator there should be more simlation options! For example, we have an option to switch on ATC, which is actually just random incomprehensible radio traffic and there are no nav-aids, nor the ability to fiddle with the avionics systems even if there were. I know you can always access the map to get around but y'know, they're calling it a sim so I'd expect more simulation options! I think the real selling point for this sim is the mission editor (which as yet I've no idea how to use!) but it uses the same system seen in the Arma series by Bohemia Interactive and I'm sure enthusiastic map editor from that series would enjoy creating scenarios to play online with fellow chopper pilots! But that requires that the sim catches on and not disappears into the shadows as I fear it may. I hear Arma 3 will have the option for the same realistic flight dynamics used in ToH so when that comes out, I can imagine we won't see a great deal of ToH. I actually intend to do a video review of this sim in the near future so watch this space

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    i do not have this sim - so i can not comment !
    but the lack of comments around the web clearly show poor sales - reinforcing the theory that a locked simulator without possibility of expansions for freeware / payware developers to step-in and make more of fun - is on the way to be a big no no .

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    I have some impressions in my blog:

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