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Thread: Who still uses FS2002?

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    I use it and will so for a long time! There is a model converter out there that converts FS2004 models to FS2002. It comes in two files, the converter software and a Windows GUI. Occasionally you will have to tweek the .Air files or the Aircraft.cfg files to get
    the aircraft to fly. But that's part of the fun! :-) Starting with FSX the Aircraft models use 2 .MDl files, one for the exterior and one for the interior. Those aircraft can't be converted! I stick to No scenery for the most part with the exception of the Stonehenge patch and AlphaSim's Groom Lake! :-) I've only had one FS2004 panel not work and that one had some cutting edge features. Otherwise I move the .Cab files from the FS2004 panel folders to the Fs2002 gauges folder and the panels work fine! I give FS2002 a 10 out of 10, and I'm still using FS98 and FS4 on this Windows XP Pro computer!


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    Fs 2002 is staying on my system.

    I enjoy bush flying and have loads of add-on stuff for that on the sim. I also fly FS9 and can honestly say that [ for my flying needs] I don't notice a heap of difference between the two.


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    Yes i also have experience like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam24 View Post
    I was just thinking, if anybody is still flying in FS2002? I use it for more than half a year, and Im really satisfied. They say that FS2002 is the most stable version of FS. Do you use it too? A month ago, I bought FSX, but until I get a new PC... I have to stay with FS2002 (which is not that bad, since I have developed it so much, and FSX is atrange for me). What is
    your opinion?
    windows 2000 users still play FS2002
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    I "still" use FS2002 because it's the only general/commercial aviation simulator I have, other than SubLogic's Flight Simulator 2 ... for my Commodore 64! I also have Jane's WWII Fighters and Jane's U.S.A.F. I was really into WWIIF for a long time when it came out. Never did get into USAF very much, because it seemed to be less about actual flying than about sitting in an airborne cubicle punching keys. Great, just what I needed, an office job simulator.

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    I use FS2002 for one purpose that FS2004 and FSX do poorly: Simulate true IFR conditions. FS2002 is the last sim that can still render a true overcast layer you can fly into and have a total whiteout outside your cockpit. It's great fun simulating an IFR approach down to minimums and having the ground suddenly appear at the last minute! Microsoft 'broke' this feature in their eagerness to display pretty '2D' clouds in FS2004 and FSX that you can fly through, but not into.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lefu View Post
    windows 2000 users still play FS2002
    I have Windows 7, and I use it

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    I'd like to use it, but Windows 7 makes weird water etc, and the whole scenery looks even worse than on my old pc (and the old pc is worse than my current one)

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    I have a friend who occasionally uses it, he isn't very serious about FS, his only addon is the PSS A340 and that was because he liked the plane, not for the systems.
    He was thinking about moving to FSX at one point, it's very cheap now but decided the HDD required was ridiculous, and that was just for the base installation
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    Quote Originally Posted by GermanPilot View Post
    I'd like to use it, but Windows 7 makes weird water etc, and the whole scenery looks even worse than on my old pc (and the old pc is worse than my current one)
    Have you tried to run fs2002 in the xp mode? You do this by right clicking fs2002.exe and selecting an option that allows you to run it in this mode.

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