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Thread: Who still uses FS2002?

  1. Cool The great FS2002 software hunt. Aircraft carriers edition.

    So, recently I was looking around for things to add to FS02. Over at Abacus, I found a couple of add-ons that were on a nice discount and figured "what the heck, Arne's been patient with us for all these years.." so I bought them.

    One was Flightdeck 3. This version of Flightdeck was supposed to work with both FS02 and FS9 but it had been updated over the years and I wasn't sure what would happen.

    The aircraft installed with no problem. The aircraft carrier scenery and flights installed with minor problems* but was otherwise fine. The arrestor cables and catapult program (Arrcab) just would not work with FS02.

    So, I started to do some digging. The version of Arrcab that was included was Arrcab25 for FS9. Hmm.. Usually, if there's a number associated with a program it means there were previous versions. I googled "arrcab24" to see what would pop up and, sure enough, it did exist. Now, where to find it?

    To back-track a bit without getting too many folks upset, there were also issues in the way the Arrcab series of programs were released. They started out as freeware but (as I remember it) later became "un-freeware" and the old freeware versions were "embargoed" on download sites. So, this hunt might get tricky and if I had to resort to "warez" sites or torrents, I planned to just drop the whole search.

    Turns out, all the versions of Arrcab that became "un-freeware" under an "embargo" were eventually returned back to freeware status ("Un-un-freeware'd" ? ). So, that part was good news BUT would any of the FS download sites still have the program available?

    I found several web sites (and to be fair, I'm pretty sure that is available here again).

    I installed Arrcab24 and loaded one of the Flightdeck 3 situations (BTW, be sure to read the Arrcab docs if you've never used it before) then set my parking brake and started Arrcab24. I hit (shift)(F9) and get the CATAPULT ARMED message..

    Oh yeah, it works..

    If you start adding carrier scenery, you'll need to know how to edit Arrcab's "dat" file. It isn't that hard, just right click the .dat file and choose "Open with notepad" (I'm running Win10). Inside the dat file, you'll find the carrier landing and catapult zones in a very familiar format (if you've ever added a texture set and had to edit the aircraft.cfg file, you'll feel right at home).

    So, now that I've got the Flightdeck3 software working, what could be better?

    MORE CARRIERS!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, one thing I also found while digging around was Dean's F/A-18 (early) Hornets that were released as payware are still available at as a free download. Snag them while you can.

    Anyway, I installed some nice freeware scenery sets and also found the Abacus payware set called "Vietnam Carrier Ops" for FS9. It was a heavy discount and a direct download so I figured "well, why not..?". Oops, the aircraft installed but the scenery was meant for FS9 ONLY. No big deal, it cost me less than $10 and the aircraft did work......but......
    Well, finding older versions of payware payed off earlier. Maybe I could get lucky again?
    I ran a search using the title and "FS2002" and hit pay dirt at Amazon.

    Same title, CD and boxed, unopened and sealed, with "For FS2004 and FS2002" printed on it in large letters.
    So, for less than $20 (including shipping) its on its way.

    I guess the moral of this thread is that you can still find cool software for FS2002. Just keep searching and don't assume all the old files just went away.

    *- If you install some of the aircraft carrier sets that are available for FS02, you may notice some "ghost ship" problems where the scenery loads but the ship sits on a large bubble of water and doesn't seem to exist when you try to land on it. :
    This problem is mentioned in some of the Arrcab docs and is related to some basic limitations in the way FS2002 and FS9 handle scenery. The docs mention "flushing out the scenery cashe" but what the heck does THAT mean? I don't even cashe scenery files on this install of FS2002.
    Don't panic. If you have a carrier that just doesn't want to play nice, all you have to do is bring up your world/scenery menu while you're flying near the carrier. Un-tick then re-tick the box next to the carrier scenery files. The scenery will re-load and you'll be fine for that session.

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    here is a link to a list of a whole bunch of fs2002 sceneries that i have used. I did have fs2002, but updated to fs2004 and i must say, I am Very happy with the sim. but a tip for fs2002, to get 3D clouds when they are flat, open up a new view, and zoom out until the clouds come in 3D. then shrink the view to the smallest size possible, and click the main view to look around. so there you go. I found that this worked very well and I had the 3D clouds that really make the sim look better.

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    So, some "new" software arrived in the mail today.
    I found an original boxed copy of FS2002 Pro and figured I may as well buy it in case my old FS2002 "standard" disks got trashed.

    Finally got to fly the King Air and Baron after all these years.

    Anyone remember where the SDK progs are on the install disks?

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    Hello Adam, I have been given a copy of FS2002, which I intend to use in conjunction with starting flight school to get my pilots license. I'm collecting the info I need to install the software, and I'd like to ask you to suggest where to find a yoke, throttle and rudder pedals that will work with my 2002 software. The only ones that I see currently for sale say for FS2004 or FSX. Thank you magicmore

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    Your controllers will depend more on your computer and its OS.
    FS has used the same keyboard and joystick assignments since the old FS4/5 days, so if they claim they can run with FS2004 you shouldn't have a problem.

    Just make sure you're plugging the right gear into your PC. Does your PC have the connectors that will work with the controllers? Do some digging online and figure out if the controllers will have any issues with your operating system.

    When in doubt, simpler is usually better. If you're looking at a controller that relies on its own software being installed that's just going to add complexity to your system. Like-wise, experience has taught me that you don't want your controllers taking over your work space. Building a virtual cockpit is one thing, rebuilding your living area to fit around some controllers is another.

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    Same title, CD and boxed, unopened and sealed, with "For FS2004 and FS2002" printed on it in large letters.
    So, for less than $20 (including shipping) its on its way.
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