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Thread: Who still uses FS2002?

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    trieutulong123 Guest


    Over those years, I figured something out- FS was ALWAYS a resource hog and new versions were ALWAYS based

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    I actually plan on re-installing FS2002 on a PC rebuild of old and new parts with WinXP OS. Just Going to use it for gaming. I am wondering tho if there are any payware textures for FS2002 still around or FS2004 textures that will work with FS2002. I think it'll will run pretty slick on this box setup:

    Processor: P4 530J 3Ghz 800 MHz FSB 1 MB L2 cache
    Mobo: Gigabyte G41MT-S2PT
    Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200 160GB
    Memory: G.Skill 8 GB DDR3 1333
    Video: Diamond HD3870 1024MB GDDR3

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    I think Arne over at ABACUS still has some of the older 2K4 scenery titles available as payware but they're getting harder and harder to find. Some searching on Google may also get you some results.

    One thing you'll need to careful about- later 2K4 scenery can REALLY mess up your install of 2K2. You'll want to back up ALL of your 2K2 config files (see my last reply) before you experiment with adding 2K4 scenery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptHarry View Post
    Processor: P4 530J 3Ghz 800 MHz FSB 1 MB L2 cache
    Mobo: Gigabyte G41MT-S2PT
    Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200 160GB
    Memory: G.Skill 8 GB DDR3 1333
    Video: Diamond HD3870 1024MB GDDR3

    Harry; One thing I just noticed was your HD. New hard drives are getting dirt-cheap since the SSD's came along. About 8 months ago I snagged a W-D half terrabyte HD off Amazon for something under 30 bucks, delivered.
    I mentioned it was a W-D (Western Digital) because you can D/L a prog from W-D's website called Acronis. It makes cloning hard drives (you basically create a complete copy of your old drive on the new one then switch the power and SATA data cable to the new drive and all you or PC sees is that your drive now has a lot more free space) very easy and safe. It also only works with W-D hardware, but there are other cloning progs available.

    For me, it was cheap insurance as well as a newer, faster, and much larger HD.
    Once I was sure the new drive was working, I unplugged the power and data connectors to the old drive but left it bolted in the tower for ground protection.

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    I am too was wondering if anybody is still flying with FS2002 (mine is the Pro version, that includes the great King Air B200). Used add-ons on CD, are still in demand for that version. Just go see on a big online auction site, how they are few, sell fast, and especially for FS2004. The key word here is, stability. Loading times are so much faster than for FSX. Bugs of all sorts, are not a much of issue with those 2 either. That is usually... It is very true that FS2004 is so much prettier than FS2002. The add-on called "Flight Environment" makes it light years ahead of FS2002. I alternate with FS2,FS4, and FSX on a daily basis. Enjoy your FS2 fellow virtual pilot, we all have different platforms for our hobby. But share the same passion and fun, and that is wonderful indeed.

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    I do and it is the best for my needs. 2004 just looks washed out. 2002 has got ALL of what I need.Photographic VFR Scenery, Terrain Mesh, superb aircraft and runs on very low spec kit. 2004 has better weather but the very ugly standard scenery ruins it for me. Issues with fsuipc whenever I try to instal too many addons. I have given up with 2004. Plus you need a dvd to run it with (WHY?).
    I have never had this issues with 02 so mine is kitted out to an amazing extant. I have maybe eighty paid-for add-on's for it. And now these are real cheap.
    AND......they run smooth with anything equivalent to a laptop with mobile 8600 GPU (1st gen DX10 (rubbish) generation). Smooth means 30 fps with the most complex airports in the most high-end aircraft. If you can get 30 fps in Frankfurt or Amsterdam all settings maxed out then you got no problems anywhere. I read in PCPilot that FSX is still being reduced to 15 FPS even with the latest and greatest graphic cards in complex city/airport scenery. That is really ridiculous. As it is designed for single core performance and is CPU dependant (ie makes poor use of GPUs) FSX will always be a poor performer. It will always be a compromise.
    Unlike 2002.
    Running 02 with no complex scenery can be done on 2002 generation laptops with Intel graphics (915/45/50). You can pick such a laptop up for thirty quid these days.
    And the super realistic and supremely satisfying DC-10 Hawaii addon has not been bettered. (The HONG KONG one was total crap, visually, but at least KAI TEK still exists in 02). No-ones perfect.
    Nuff said?

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    I use FS2002 exclusively and for the smae reason. It seems everytime MS upgrade their FS we have to upgrade our system. That makes it an expensivve flight sim for, what I'm told, is a minimal improvement.
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    I am using it under windows 10 but I am not able to turn left or right once in the air

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    I wish I could help. I do not have all the cds for it any longer. FS9 does fine with my windows ten. I am glad someone has tested fs2002 with windows ten. I know it does not work for you completely now but you never know you might get it figured out.

    .::Gateway::. i5, 8GB Memory, 2gb Nvidia Video Card, Win7, FS9, FSX, P3D
    Android User. Sometimes Ubuntu User.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lfr1 View Post
    I am using it under windows 10 but I am not able to turn left or right once in the air
    Start FS2002 and check your menus.

    I'm guessing you just installed FS02 and some of the "stock" settings are still active.
    In particular, find the "Use Auto co-ordination" (I think its in the general settings menu?) setting and make sure its un-ticked. Auto co-ord couples the rudder and ailerons together but if you have actual rudder pedals or a stick that includes a rudder it can do some odd things.

    If that doesn't work, try flying something. Get set up so you're straight and level, then turn on the auto pilot. Try moving the heading bug and see what happens.

    You may have some Win 10 compatability issues, but you haven't posted enough info for the rest of us to comment on.
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