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Thread: Myrtle Beach International Airport (KMYR) 2012 for FSX

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    Default Myrtle Beach International Airport (KMYR) 2012 for FSX

    Coming very soon!

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    General Aviation Terminal

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    Is it freeware?? And I hope it does not require SP1 and SP2, please? I had been to that airport few times.

    I do not know if it helps you but here are pics of that airport where you can see ground markings:



    Many Cargomaster planes practice landings and take offs and landings and circling around the airport but when there is an airline plane arriving or take off, the Cargomaster planes stayed out of way and waited until the plane took off or landed and then resume practicing landings and taking offs every minute. I took many pics but all of them except two were too fuzzy considering it was hard to capture planes in motion action


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    This will be a payware project (hence the listing under "commercial developer screen shots"). Regarding SP1 or SP2, I believe the scenery will function just fine without them.

    Since I've been posting just random teaser screenshots so far, I figure I can offer a bit more information:

    This scenery will represent Myrtle Beach International Airport as it will look later this year after the completion of the new airline terminal. It will include other updates to the airfield such as the new B2 taxiway, general aviation facility, and the new ARFF station. We are also going to include other eye candy such as a more realistic skyline for Myrtle Beach with the high-rise condos and hotels along the coast, as well as the Market Common houses and shops that occupy the site of the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, and the new Coastal Grand Mall and adjacent stores and restaurants.

    The pack will also include a fully detailed scenery for the Grand Strand Airport, North Myrtle Beach's general aviation airport just a few miles up the coast to the north.

    Myrtle Beach International Airport has never been done in detail for any version of flight sim, which is odd considering that it is one of the more popular resort areas in the southeastern US. The airport serves several major airlines and their regional carriers, it's a large market for Spirit Airlines and US Airways, and also a focus city for Allegiant Air. I think it will appeal to VA pilots and other airline enthusiasts, as it is a nice non-hub destination. The airport also sees its fair share of cargo, corporate, private, and even military aircraft, long after its closure as an active Air Force Base in 1992.

    Edit: MYR was also the hub for Hooters Air

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    Myrtle Beach International Airport is complete! It should be available within the next few days. Enjoy these screenshots 'till then!

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