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Thread: Struggling with my multi-monitor set up - NEED HELP!

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    Default Struggling with my multi-monitor set up - NEED HELP!

    I was running successfully FSX on my new PC with 2 monitors (one is 1920 x 1080, the other one 1680 x 1050). My graphic card is a Nvidia GeForce GT440. I had available 2 older monitors (Dell 1280 x 1024) and I decided to go for 4 monitors. I purchased 2 USB display adapter that I attached with the VGA adapter. I can now move stuff around on 4 screens. However, when I try to add a view (undocked) and bring it to the Dell older screen, I get a frozen display. If I try to modify the size of the goes black! Is my issue a "resolution" problems?

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    Can anybody help?

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    the dell screen isn't one of them ones that was part of a pc with intergrated graphics is it? I've got one that is and it doesn't work with other PCs...... bloody anouying I tell ya!

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    No it is not. Word and Excel work fine. When I move a undocked view on the Dell screens, they just freeze!

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