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Thread: Rwy 12 object placer and ADE object compatibility?

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    Default Rwy 12 object placer and ADE object compatibility?

    I currently use Airport design editor for my scenery alterations and i do hold it in high regards. However not figureing out how to access all features of the sdk including gmax therefore I am limited to the stock objects that ADE already has and a verry limmited amount of objects for download not designated for rwy12 object placer. i have tried sketchup and model converter with mixed results (if someone has advice on this it would also be apreciated as I am verry good with sketchup). finaly my question, Are the objects for rwy 12 compadable with ADE???
    thanks for any help, Devin Tichy

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    Limited?? There are hundreds of objects you can use. ADE can use any standard format object library. There are almost 350 listings in the Scenery Objects section of the library right here on Flightsim. Objects made for RWY12 are compatible with ADE.

    ModelConverterX works great with Sketchup. The best place to get help on using it is on There's a forum just for MCX, and the author, Arno Gerretson, provides great support.

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    And since Sidney has modeled many of those objects, I think he would know! (thanks, BTW).

    scott s.

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    You're welcome, Scott.

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