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Thread: Change to the next waypoint in GPS

  1. Default Change to the next waypoint in GPS

    Is there a way to switch to the next leg or waypoint in the GPS if I happen to miss one waypoint? Thanks in advance for any help with this question. I tried a search here but must be using the wrong keyword.

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    Yes there is a way and it is explained very clearly in the Learning Center.

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    Great thanks, that was a big help.

    For anyone else, like me, that is old, tired and a bit learning disabled I will save you some time buy posting my search results here;

    From the Learning Center in FSX/Index/GPS/Using/Active Flight Plan Page

    With an activated direct-to or flight plan loaded, the Active Flight Plan page will show each waypoint for the flight plan (or a single waypoint for a direct-to), along with the desired track (DTK), distance (DIS) for each leg, and cumulative distance (CUM).

    You can select any leg within the active flight plan as the active leg (the leg which will currently be used for navigation guidance), using the MENU button.

    To activate a specific leg of the active flight plan

    From the Active Flight Plan page, press the CRSR button to activate the cursor.
    Rotate the large knob to highlight the desired destination waypoint.
    Press the MENU button, select the "Activate Leg?" option, and press the ENT button. (GPS 500 only)
    Press the Direct-to button twice. (GPS 500 and GPS 295)
    A confirmation window will appear.
    With Activate? highlighted, press the ENT button.
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    Thanks (from 2 years in your future) "bretwizer" for transcribing these instructions. I often forget the procedure (seldom miss a waypoint) and hate interrupting the sim just to read the few tiny steps I need to refresh myself on - especially when I have a 'puter beside me that I can use to get the details online. Always nice when someone makes the effort, so, cheers mate!

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    And then there is me, from 6 years in your future, thanks so much bretwizer for that detailed explanation. It sure saved me a lot of time searching. I agree with mage, it sure is nice when someone takes the time to answer a question without sending you off somewhere else to look for it, especially when the search engine results brought right to this page in the first place. I would do the exact same. You're aces in my book bretwizer!

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    Congratulations!! You learned to use the LEARNING CENTER!! Anything anyone else would have posted to advise you probably would/should be based on that info as well. (Remember those who wrote the Learning Center Hints are the ones who wrote the sim in the first place.)

    I agree with StringBean, sometimes the best advice is to point a poster in the correct direction. And allow them to go there on their own. After all that's how most of us learn. We research, then read, think, and finally we apply and often remember.

    If information is all thrown out to be read with little or no effort, it like Free Advice is usually freely taken and then forgotten till the next time. Then asked again the next time it is needed.
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    Nothing wrong with giving a reference to a document for information.

    Also nothing wrong with giving a direct answer to a direct question.

    Some of us take notes when we find out about something important or helpful. Thanks bretwizer for saving probably a couple of hours of tedious searching through the manual or wherever it was to be found. I have plenty more to learn from my Garmin manual on the 530 and plenty of occasions already to have gone there with many hours spent figuring other things out. So, bretwizer, thanks again for being a good sport and helpful to most all of us. Best regards, CEC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cecarnicom View Post
    ...nothing wrong with giving a direct answer to a direct question.

    ...So, bretwizer, thanks again for being a good sport and helpful to most all of us. Best regards, CEC.
    For extra amusement, I just came back to this post to refresh my memory since I needed the info again.

    When it takes as long to direct someone to the resource (and not even chapter and verse) as it would to simply answer the question, all perspective is lost.

    bretwizer, thanks for the extra mile you went for the rest of us.

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