Dear all, this is how to use Daniel Gauthierís wonderful Suisse 2004 sceneries in FSX (tested with Switzerland Professional by Flylogic)

Step1: download Suisse 2004 and all freeware addons by Daniel Gauthier in a temporary folder.
available for example at
best overview is given in

Step2: install all needed additional texture files as described in the Suisse 2004 readme.
use 2002 textures for Gerrish Trees v3, Trees_01.bgl file below airport scenery layer, textures in FSX main texture folder.
(comment: I personally prefer to install object libraries like single sceneries on low layer to keep control of installed ressurces)
Step3: create a FSX subfolder \Addon Scenery\CHPROX_Suisse2004 and further two subfolders \scenery and \texture
collect all scenery and texture files for all Daniel Gauthier small airports in this folders, register the path as usual in FSX
Step4: altitude issues, solution: go into Addon Scenery\CHPROX_Suisse2004\scenery folder, delete all *.bgl's NOT starting with ls*.bgl except HC*.bgl.
missing tree textures: caused by missing treesfa.bmp, treessp.bmp, treessu.bmp, treeswi.bmp.
solution: copy the textures trees_fa.bmp, trees_sp.bmp, trees_wi.bmp, treessu1.bmp in a temp folder.
rename the copies accordingly the missing texture files (treesfa.bmp, treessp.bmp, treeswi.bmp, treessu.bmp)
copy this missing textures into Addon Scenery\CHPROX_Suisse2004\texture (and FSX main texture to avoid future conflicts).

You are now ready to explore 44 small airports, 7 Heliports, two hospital helipads and 12 refuges (some with helipads) of Switzerland ;o)
My special thanks to Daniel Gautier who has given us this wonderfull Suisse 2004 airports and so many hours of flying fun in Switzerland.
Although I want to say thank you to Andreas Hegi for his lovely detailed swiss airport and heliport sceneries. Great job done!!

Mountain refuges, heliports and hospitals are 100% compatibel with FSX + SwPro.
80% of Suisse 2004 airfields are fully compatibel with FSX + SwPro.
In some cases there are slight overlapps with the autogen scenery. 3-4 airfields show partly non visible aprons due to altitude issues.

You can install swiss small airports, heliports, refuges and hospitals by other autors like Andreas Hegi in a folder \Addon Scenery\CHPROX_SuisseOther
Personally I have created a third subfolder \Addon Scenery\CHPROX_SuissePro for scenery written for and tested with Switzerland Professional.