I currently have VoxATC-X 5.63, which I really like although it has some quirks about it. That'll be for another post. This post is about STARs/SIDs.

I like how I can get it all set up in VoxATC, and ATC will clear me to use the SID and/or STAR by name. I've also noticed that ATC is rather quiet while flying the procedure. It was kind of like this too on Vatsim, from the few times I used a SID/STAR (unless I was off course).

What I'm wondering is whether or not SID/STARs work the same way in RC4 and PFE. Does ATC ever talk to you during the procedure as long as you fly it? Has anyone with VoxATC flown off course from a SID/STAR and ATC direct them back to it?

And does VoxATC v6 work any differently when flying SID/STARs? (I know that it can assign you one now.)