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    Default Worldwide Virtual Airline Group

    The Worldwide Virtual Airline Group is now recruiting pilots from around the world who want to join a growing virtual airline. At the Worldwide Virtual Airline Group, we pride ourselves on having fun and enjoying the flying experience. We feature not only a few different real-world airlines and their schedules (including American Airlines, British Airways, Jetstar, Qantas, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia) but also feature General Aviation flights. There are no restrictions on what aircraft you can fly or the destinations you can fly to, and no experience is necessary. In fact, the only rule we have is that you have fun.

    We run the phpvms system and have an easy to navigate website, active forums and a number of pilots who are instructors in real life and are really keen to help out those who want to improve their knowledge or learn new skills.

    So if you are looking for a new VA and a new experience, why not visit us at!

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    Wasn't looking for
    a new VA and a new experience
    but I visited anyway.

    On the 'front page' you suggest we visit RULES, because of a conspicuous lack of rules.

    I visited RULES, and was told I didn't have permission to access rules.

    I was just curious what rules you do have. I imagine others will too :O)

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    Thanks for having a look. That was my bad, when I made the page I forgot to make it "public" and since I was testing whilst logged in, it was showing. All fixed now and I will remember to check that from now on.

    If you have a look now you will find that there really aren't any rules. We are just about having fun and enjoying the experience of flying. Might sound bad for some people but to cater for everyone from the casual pilot without too much knowledge that just wants to fly their favourite plane, to those who want all the realism, it really is necessary to throw out the rules such as flying the right aircraft and can only fly certain aircraft/routes based on your experience, etc. So far with our pilots we have had nothing but positive feedback about this.

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    Very refreshing.

    But you state, " If you have it in FSX"

    Is having FSX a 'rule'? Is your system (akars, and such) specific to FSX?

    "the only rule we have is that you have fun"

    Not being argumentative here. But even someone who still runs, say, FS98, or FS2K, aren't they '"having fun"?

    Thinking 'bout joining. I use FS9, and like quite a number of simmers, I prefer it over FSX.

    I fly with Historic Airlines Group, but it would be nice to occasionally fly the modern birds.

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    Yeah it was just a saying, we support them all. No reason not too. FS2004 and FSX are the main ones since I don't know many without one of those two.

    Really appreciate you picking up on these little errors. I really hate not having it right.
    Last edited by pupsyaus; 09-04-2011 at 02:35 AM.

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    Didn't mean to be nitpicking, just wondering. Some VA's have such resrictions.

    I have 3 FS9 installs. One for 30's and 40's, one for 50's through early 70's, and a modern install.

    Gotta stretch the legs of the ac in my modern hangar :O)

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    Fair few installations there. FS2004 runs awesome on my machine but I have spent too much on FSX to go back unfortunantly even though it still runs like a dog.

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    New airlines - South African Airways, Delta, Caribbean Airlines, Emirates.

    WorldWide is a very interesting VA, check 'em out

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    The Worldwide Virtual Airline Group is now expanding our airline offerings. We have begun to add Alitalia, Caribbean Airlines, Delta, Emirates and South African Airways!

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    guys i have registerd but i cant login.. when i put my pilot ID it says no user found....
    [email protected] is my mailing adress

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