I'm sure there are plenty on here that own one of these pieces of hardware. Let me just say first off it adds a whole new dimension of realism in the realm of GA or commercial simulations. However, I had one major complaint about this setup that I will address here

The tension on both the aileron and the elevator are way higher then the real counterparts in the Cessna 172 (the one plane I've flown in real life). Now I understand this is a $150 piece of gear, which is not something to scoff at when potentially bricking it. But, if you like me, were frustrated with the tension that just isn't present in real life, the fix is extremely simple, and from what I can gather, safe (although more testing is to come, and I'll be the first to come here and say i bricked my controller).

If you remove all the screws from the underside of the yoke unit (including the two tiny ones where the shaft slides into the unit), you can pull the top cover off. Underneath you will see 2 sets of springs, and if you function the yoke, you can see what each does. The springs towards the end of the unit centersl the elevator, and the bigger spring towards the front of the unit centers the ailerons. . Now if you are familiar (and to be honest, I've only got .7 hours in the cessna), with the yoke in real life, there is no real noticeable self centering (at least not to the extent of the Saitek Yoke).

Well my fix is simple. There are two springs centering the elevator function (front to back). Remove the top one (store for later if you don't like the result)
The big spring for the aileron is the same way. Remove the screw, unhook the spring, save the parts for later.

*DISCLAIMER* Springs ARE under tension, be careful when removing them
*DISCLAIMER NUMBER 2* If you brick your controller (although it seems very unlikely, as no electrical parts are modified), its probably your fault.

I just ran a circuit around KTWF, and it worked beautifully. It was much easier to control both axis' and much more realistic IMO. I was having issues rolling into and out of turns because there was so much force required to do both motions it was difficult to make precise turns. This makes it a one handed operation, which a landing and take off almost always are.

Hope you guys learned something new, and enjoy the mod, should you try.