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Thread: Dreamfleet 727 and FSNAV

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    Smile Dreamfleet 727 and FSNAV

    I just flew my Dreamfleet Delta 727 200 from Kansas City to Knoxville, Tn using FS Navigator....It worked perflectly and tracked without a flaw...altitude, speed ...everything....just great....THEN...on approach and final, after capturing the glidescope.....I turned off the Auto Pilot, and all that....was able to land the aircraft at high speed because the throttle would not disengage at all....Why....I cannot find any answer....Hoping you folks can help Everything worked fine except the throttle would not disengage when I turned off the Autopilot in the cockpit...with the FS Navigator flight plan....Only problem I have seen is the throttles stay engaged when using the FS Navigator ....and I don't know how to turn them off and use throttle manually for landing....Any help is appreciated...Thanks a Million....BigAl V:

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    are you disengaging the auto-throttles independently? Simply disengaging A/P affects flight performance characteristics pertaining to control surfaces (elevator, ailerons (spoilers in some cases), rudder). A/P will monitor pitch, roll, and yaw; additionally providing NAV/HDG settings to facilitate high altitude navigation/heading selection, as well as APP/BC settings to facilitate ILS approach and back-course landings. Simply disengaging A/P command returns control of the a/c back to manual flight mode to maintain flight. If you do not disengage the A/T separate from the A/P, the auto-throttles stay engaged rendering manual power setting inputs ineffective (although airspeed changes can still be made in the SPD setting window in the A/P cluster). I have had this experience when on an ILS APP. All things are in the green and looking good. The only oversight I ran into initially was my failure to disengage the auto-throttles. As you might imagine I had to scrub those langings. Once I realized what was happening, I began disengaging my a/t at about 500 AGL. Using my throttles to maintain my landing configuration, at about 400-300 AGL (200ft AGL usually being my DH), I disengage my a/p and manually fly the a/c down to the runway, flaring manually. Having a/p and a/t disengaged upon touchdown allows me to continue the roll-out and taxi off the runway awaiting further instructions from ATC and ground control.

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    Thank you Bryan for your helpful advice.....It was my understanding that DF 727 did not have CaptSim 727 does not....So,,,,Please tell me how to disengage the AutoThrottle when I turn off the AutoPilot and also disengage the AutoPilot from FSNAV,,,as I don't know how to do that....thanks again, BigAlV...who loves the 727...LOL

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