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Thread: freewar Piper super cub for fsx

  1. Default freewar Piper super cub for fsx

    hey guys, got a question, has anybody considered a design for a freeware supercub for fsx?
    i'm a huge flight sim fan and i love the supercub.

    by the way here's some ideas for models of this addon:

    95hp standard version
    150hp standard version
    95hp 32" tundra tire version
    150hp 32" tundra tire version
    95hp float version
    150hp float version

    if u are going to design these models let me know on there estimated release date thanks.

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    I've found a supercub here:
    maybe the wheels aren't correctly, but it's a supercub
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    thanks so much

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    Let me add thanks...also.
    German Pilot.

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    I thank You Kindly

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