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Thread: EK19 Dubai - Manchester Flight Report Live

  1. Smile EK19 Dubai - Manchester Flight Report Live

    Hello Everyone !!

    Hope all are having a great weekend. I haven't done a long hauler in a while and thought of dusting the Boeing 777 in my Hangar. So I thought of making a flight report which incidentaly would be my first ever since starting to fly with VAs around 5 years before. Anyways here we go.

    Company : Emirates
    Aircraft : B777-300ER
    Registration : A6-ECH
    Departure : Dubai (OMDB)
    Arrival : Manchester (EGCC)
    Scheduled Departure @ 14:35 Local Time (OMDB)
    Scheduled Arrival @ 19:15 Local Time (EGCC)

    Parked at Gate F8 @ Dubai. We are having a reasonable booking number today however the flight is not fully booked. We will soon be boarding our 277 passengers with First Class and Business Class passengers boarding first.

    The Flight Deck has received the dispatch information and the weather briefing. We are expecting a smooth ride en-route with the occasional turbulence. Arrival and Departure airports are not having any acute weather to be of concern. However we have a low visibility probability on arrival. We are also having a long route of approximately 3103 nm unless there is any deviation due to weather.


    Route Map

    Weather briefing

    Finally the boarding has completed on time and it is time to close the doors and push-back from the gates. Dubai Ground Controller has given us clearance to taxi to and Hold Short RWY 30L for departure.

    Holding Short of RWY 30L for a Turkish Airline A340 to vacate the runway.

    We have been given clearance by the Dubai Tower to Line up and take off RWY 30L

    Climbing through initial clearance of 6000ft to cruising altitude of FL360. Passengers have already started to use of Award Winning IFE. Cabin Crew will start serving drinks shortly.

    At TOC over IRAN

    Flight Deck at FL360 overflying IRAN under Tehran Control

    Cabin Crews POV of the Flight Deck while she came to serve us coffee ! ;D

    As we enter into Turkish Airspace we finish a light snack and coffee. Still another 1980 nm to go and 4:18 ETE. The weather is still holding good at EGCC. Just checked the weather with the company and this is what we got.

    The post allows only 10 images so I am posting as another reply to the post.

    Contd ...

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    Yes where are your next 10? nice shots


    d avid

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    Still on cruise over Turkish Airspace

    About to leave the shores of Turkey and enter into Black Sea

    About to fly over the Romanian city of Constanta, one of the most important cities in Romania, one of four roughly equal-size cities which rank after Bucharest.

    The city of Constanta is served by Mihail Kogălniceanu Airport (LRCK) 14 NM (26 km; 16 mi) north northwest of the city.

    Overflying Constanta

    About to cross our next way point at PELUR over DN71, one of the national roads of Romania on the route of Tărtăşeşti - Tārgovişte - Pucioasa - Sinaia. We also got a beautiful view of the sun !

    Cruising over Germany about to enter into Netherlands and then into UK !

    About to reach our next way-point over HAMM VOR

    We are at 202 nm from Manchester and have just been handed over to London Control. A lot of chatter going on the radio with the EasyJets and BAs and Ryanairs !!

    Time for another weather check with the company.

    Not much of a difference in weather. However visibility is still low, however it should not be an issue.

    London Control has given us clearance to descend to FL270 56 nm from our next way-point at SUPEL. Cabin Crew is preparing the cabin for arrival. Seat Belts ON.

    Contd ...

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    As we descend the sun is also starting to descend upon us. We are in line for an early arrival of 12 min from Scheduled Arrival time.

    Manchester Approach is vectoring us to RWY 24R via an ILS approach, initial clearance to descend to 5000 and further to 4000. Landing lights are ON. Cabin is prepared and secured. All passengers' seat belts have been checked and secured.

    Finally on approach and we have visual of the RWY 24R. Cleared to land

    Gears Down and Locked, Flaps Full, Landing Config set, let us glide on to the Runway.

    Vacating RWY 24R after landing and will hold short for Gate Allocation

    A BABY which arrived behind us taxiing to the gates as well

    Pulling into the gates

    Passengers have disembarked and Doors are shut

    Size does matter ?!


    That brings us to the end of my first Flight Report. I hope you enjoyed it. If there is anyway you would have improved it please do advise me.

    Thanks !!

    Thanks for watching !

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    Quote Originally Posted by daspinall View Post
    Yes where are your next 10? nice shots


    d avid
    It appears that the other shots were moderated just like the original post for some reason and had to be approved.

    Should be visible now.

    Excellent set of shots. Welcome to the forum.
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    Fantastic commentary thanks you very much for the story great pictures too.

    Welcome to FSC

    d avid

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