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Thread: Free Alternative To FS Panel Studio

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    lost between how it is and how it ought to be


    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Robinson View Post
    Never could see the need either, I guess I spent my $30 bucks on Instant Scenery .

    Oh yeah, gotta have that one. What a time saver.

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    I've never used FSPS either, not because I don't think it worthwhile, but because buying anything online in Brazil is almost impossible if it is coming from outside the country and also I don't have a credit card.

    However I've managed to turn out some pretty spectacular panels with a bit of graphics program skills, and experimentation with the panel.cfg. After a while you get a feel for x, y coordinates and gauge sizes so it becomes easier. I'd try FSPS if I could get my hands on a free copy, but I doubt that I'd spend my money on it even if I could get it easily here.

    This is one of the panels that I've done without it, so I really don't see an urgent need.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yes there is a free program here in the library. It is called CfgEdit By Ed Struzynski.

    You can still use it to build and alter panels. You will find that some of the instruments will not show up with a full image in the program. However you can still see what they are and the OUTLINE of the gauge. Been fixing and adding gauges like the Flight time gauge to all my planes and building my own MINI gauge 2D panel screen with it since FS98.

    I was searching the internet tonight hoping to find that Ed had updated this little gem and found this posting.
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    Granted this thread is now some seven years old, I'll just jump in and say I've used nothing but FS Panel Studio. It's been great and if you know how you can edit the VC as well. I did that to my FS2004 PMDG 737 adding little flight attendant call out switches on the over head. I believe the download was from Clutch Cargo and I just took each individual switch which is in fact a gauge and shrunk its size and placed them all in a line on the overhead. The first switch would be for push back and going forward to cruising altitude to approach and rolling to the gate. This was for my South West livery and I believe the flight attendant's name in this download was "Collette."

    Never knew about CfgEdit. Had I known I would have tried it myself prior to FS Panel Studio.

    As to the no credit card a member said here. Debt cards use the Visa or MasterCard escrow financial services company so they are like a "credit card" in that sense and can be used. If one does not have a bank account, then just go to your local grocery store or where ever and pay for a pre-paid Visa card. Now you have plastic money.
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    Just for further information, CfgEdit was indeed authored by Ed Struzynski Ed expanded that program to create FS Panel Studio. I've been using FSPS since FS98, and it continues to work well even in P3D v5.x...

    It's a shame that Ed hasn't kept FSPS updated since FSX.
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