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Thread: Looking for a group of flight simmers to start planning a virtual airline with me.

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    Default Looking for a group of flight simmers to start planning a virtual airline with me.

    Hello, I'm David Reese, and I've always been a Flight Sim/Virtual Airlines fan. Right now, I'm looking for a group of some people who are willing to spend time working on creating a new virtual airline with me. I have no idea on what the virtual airline will be about, ir what it will be called. All I know, is that I will be aiming for a realistic concept.

    ..but I can't figure this out on my own.

    I'm hoping I can get a small group of you all to help out, however you can. If you are a good website designer, then you would help out great. If you think you are an amazing aircraft repainter, then you would help out great. If you can help brainstorm, and would then just want a management role or even just a pilot role, then that would help equally.

    If you think you want to be a part of this process, please private messege me via these forums, or post here saying what your qualities are.

    I look forward to seeing what you all have to say

    - David Reese

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    Hey there David,

    I've just recently started up a VA & we have many/all management positions to fill. I've created & designed the site & forum & did some very rough FSX default 737 repaints. This VA operates on VAFS so its easier to manage. The website was just opened a few days ago but its still just me here. If your interested, you could be a partner in the VA/part of the management team as CFO or any other position if you want. Let me know if your interested. We could make this work.


    Michel D.

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