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Thread: Weird problem during installation of fs9

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    Question Weird problem during installation of fs9


    Today I have uninstalled the entire FS9 to make a "clean install", but of course (as usual with me) I come across a problem not long into the adventure... About 30% into the installation, an error message occurs (see picture), I have definitely not run out of memory on the disk, and the file it's talking about can not possibly be open in another program... I Have tried to choose both the C-drive and an external drive in the installation, but it fails on both ...

    Is there anyone here who has a clue what this might be?
    Thanks in advance!
    / Arvid

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    Hi Arvidh:

    This happened to me once and I found out that the CD disk running was spoiled (dirt, scratch, dust, etc). Try making a deep cleaning of that CD disk. If it doesn't solve the problem, try burning a copy (of course, for your own use) of the culprit disk.
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