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Thread: Airbus 330/340 callouts - any interest?

  1. Default Airbus 330/340 callouts - any interest?

    Hi all,

    I've been looking for the proper callouts for the A330/340 for quite some time now and can only find the old A320 style ones. I've decided that I might record some sound from the next few flights I do during the approach and then take the callouts and make them up for FSX. If I do this, is anybody else interested?

    The A340 that I operate on only have calls for 2500, 1000, 500, 100 above, minimum, 100, 50, 40, 30, 20, retard, 10. I'm not sure what quality I will be able to pull out from them but from some initial testing I think it would be suitable.


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    Here's a good place to start. It even has 100ft intervals from 300 and below. It's an A320 yes, but the quality is really good if you're ripping out sound.
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    Just came across this while browsing for landing roll sounds:

    Name: Size: 1,497,565 Date: 02-13-2008 Downloads: 4,540
    FSX A330/A340 GPWS Sounds for use with the Wilco/feelThere Airbus A330 and A340 models. By John Johnson.

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    Here's a bit of an idea of what I am talking about, compare this to the quality of the other one you posted. I just did this in about 10 minutes this morning. If people are interested I can do the rest of them and also the 2500 which is hard to find.

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    I haven't tested the one I posted above (as I fly Boeings only) but yours sound really good. I'm sure the Airbus pilots around here would appreciate it.

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    I have just uploaded them to AVSIM, just waiting for the file to become ready.

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    Right, will try it out when it's up.

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    I fly the A33X series and would love to have some callouts installed, but please not the Boeing guys voice, no offence but thats what I see ALL DAY LONG. Boeings.

    I'm gald summers back and now JetBlue will start bring back the A320's again.

    " Anytime Baby "

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    Well they are in AVSIM now, just look up "A330/A340 callouts" for FSX and they will be listed there.

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    Can I just put them into Boeing aircraft? Any difference in installation procedures? Also getting slightly weary of that dude's voice, thought I might try something new, especially if it calls out at more intervals.

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