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Thread: Flight1 ATR 72-500 help

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    I recently re-formatted my computer because of a virus. I saved all my FSX files to my external hard drive. But i forgot to get the gauges folder so is it possible for someone with the ATR to send me the gauge files through email? I also tried the re-install with the Flight1 E-Commerce thing but i forgot that months after i bought the ATR, i changed my email and forgot about my old email still being on the Flight1 Database. And now my old email wont open and i've tried all the verification steps but still nothing.
    Hope someone can help.
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    Contact Flight 1. They will be more then happy to help you out.
    Dave Opper
    HiFi Support Manager
    HiFi Technologies, Inc.

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    Had a similar issue when we changed to another internet provider.
    One mail to Sales Support, and after 15 mins my login was changed in their database.


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