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Thread: About as pretty as FSX gets!

  1. Default About as pretty as FSX gets!

    Scrap this. EMI records are being dicks. I'm deleting the video.

    Oh well, that's a couple of evenings wasted!
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    Got to '' and download mp3 music of all genre, even hard rock. You won't have any problems with those tunes in videos at YouTube. Not the 'latest' or the 'greatest', I know, but it's FREE.
    Chuck B

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    Quote Originally Posted by napamule2 View Post
    Not the 'latest' or the 'greatest', I know, but it's FREE.
    Not free! Though perhaps easier to use illegally...

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    It's a totally random minefield now that greed has ruined YouTube!

    Warner Music Group used to be the great evil, but now they let things through and merely add a pop-up advert to the video and a link to iTunes to buy the track......which is great. EMI let my video through after I claimed 'fair use', but twelve hours later, it was blocked in pretty much every country that has the internet!

    Smaller, more niche labels tend to let things through with no problems though. I just don't get it. First the music industry moans that people aren't buying enough music, then they throw away the free advertising they could get from us YouTubers. It's crazy.

    The only up-side to this whole copyright issue is that we have to put up with much less of that desperate old hag Madonna!

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