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Thread: Anyone have the Wilco EJets Embraer?? Need Help!!

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    Default Anyone have the Wilco EJets Embraer?? Need Help!!

    alright guys, I did a search, read the manual and logged about 3 hours in the jet trying to figure this out but im still missing something..sorry guys but im truly at a loss....why is my takeoff thrust limited to 90%? ive read the manual and tried to uncheck the "auto" mode in the fmc for the thrust limiting (cant remember the proper term)...but in short, can someone please clear this can I get full manual MAX power for takeoff? is there a switch somwhere im not seeing??? Anyway to override this or trick the FMS into not limiting Thrust on takeoff?

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    If I'm not mistaken, the amount of takeoff thrust is dependent on what information you enter into the performance initialization (perf init) section of the FMS. It varies based on your weight, winds, density altitude, etc. I've had takeoffs where the FADEC limited t/o thrust to 92-93%, but when climbing boost it to 99-100%. I'ts all about saving fuel, as well as unnecessary wear on your engines.
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