I have FS Dreamscapes - NEXTMap ProMesh Germany on my FSX. The other day I add the Pro Mesh Germany scenery folder to the FS2004 scenery library. I donīt have any problem adding this FSX mesh. I deactivate any other mesh on that area, after that, I go to a german airport and I could fly without any errors and with a detailed mesh all over Germany.

Here is my question, any FSX mesh work well on FS2004?, I know, the FSX have more resolution, in this case 4.75m, so FS2004 is displaying the highest resolution possible (19m)?. Why for example, France VFR have 2 different mesh for France?(http://www.francevfr.com/mesh.asp), one for FS2004 and the FSX version?. Some FSX mesh works on FS2004 and some do not?.

I am thinking on buying the France VFR Mesh, but why buying both if just 1 could work on both sims?.