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Thread: new to game, need help playing game again and add on.

  1. Default new to game, need help playing game again and add on.

    Hello, I started playing FSX last night, bought it at walmart. I installed it and I was playing it, but I don't know if I have to play any of the cds to play it again or go without them. I dont see any shortcuts on the desktop screen or when I press start I don't see anything with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I seen a folder that says Flight Simulator X file folder in the documents area.

    Also, when I start buying add-ons for the pc game, what folder do I download it to so it works right.

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    Once it is installed you don't need the CD any longer. You should have a shortcut to "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" in Start Menu/Games. If not, you can create one.

    Go to the FSX Main Folder, Right Click FSX.exe, create shortcut, Cut it, Paste it on desktop. If you have Win 7, you can pin it to your Taskbar or Start Menu. Other OS have other methods for adding to Start Menu or other places.

    I have an intermediate folder for all my FSX related downloads placed in a storage drive. Almost all Add-ons have an instructions "readme.txt" to tell you where to put the included files/folders, or an installer which does that automatically.
    I, personally, don't like installers and create a folder with the Add-on name. That way I can point the installer there and put the files in their correct location manually. That will not work for some add-ons.
    Until you learn the FSX folder structure and file locations, I suggest you use the installer, if available.

    One recurring issue happens with Vista or Win 7 and FSX.
    If either is your OS and your FSX is installed to C:\Program Files(default location), User Acct Control(UAC) will plague you with permissions issues when making changes/additions to your sim.
    C:\Program Files is a protected system folder, hence, Admin level permission is required to make changes there. Being logged in as Administrator does not always help.
    It is recommended to install the sim outside of that folder. You can create your own in C:\ or elsewhere. A dedicated fast Hard Drive for FSX only is ideal.
    If you decide to remove FSX and re-install outside of Program Files, you must use Windows Add/Remove Programs, Uninstall(Programs and Features), and then do a search for all left over FSX related files. Some may be "hidden", so, you will have to "Show all Files and Folders" in your OS View control.
    PITA? Yes! Best way? IMO, only way! If the CD installer finds older files it may not overwrite them with the new, correct, file/folder addressing. Can of worms!

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