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Thread: FSX Reinstall After W7 Reinstall

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    Default FSX Reinstall After W7 Reinstall

    I have recently had to reinstall the windows 7 Ultimate (W7U) OS DVD on my computer. W7U is on the (C) drive,a 64GB SSD, and FSX/Acceleration is in (F)/FS Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X, on a 1.5TB Sata11. FSX is still on the (F) drive but I realize that some FSX files were on the (C) drive, which are now absent.My question is, can FSX be somehow fixed, or do I have to reinstall it?. Look forward to any assistance.

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    You can try an FSX repair from the original disks... It's an option - (I think) following "Custom Install"? Sorry - it's been a while.

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    I would personally re-install. There is no need for you to go through the headaches and hassle of hoping that everything is totally off all drives.

    I would also check afterward to make sure that everything IS off both drives, by even going in and manually deleting left over folders, etc after.

    Of course, also make sure too you uninstall any add-ons you may have put in FIRST before uninstalling FSX.

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    You must re-install in order to get SimConnect properly installed in your new copy of Windows.

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