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    I have a question about setting the altitude alert. I use an Elite course and heading module. Only the heading, course, and altimiter setting is usable for the 727. There are a couple of extra knobs, one for nav-2, and one for a rotating head ADF. Do you think I could change one of those unused knobs to work the Altitude alert. I think your 727 product is great, It flys like the real aircraft. If I could get this to work all I would need is an alert F/E to silence that gear horn. Thanks for any help. Charlie

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    No idea would be my answer.........really helpfull!

    From what I've read in other posts though (especially those that have used the project for the basis of a home cockpit), you should be able to get FSUIPC to map the function and then assign it to your hardware.

    Maybe someone that has done this already will add more.

    Paul Golding
    Dreamfleet/Flight1 727 & 727X Developer

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    Thanks Paul I will keep looking. Maybe the Elite folks will have some Ideas.

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    Try the FSUIPC forums. If FSUIPC will work with your hardware, you will be able to capture the altutude knob as a "mouse macro" and assign it to your dial as Paul suggests.


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    Thanks Peter I will give it a try.

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    Hello all,

    Thank you for asking this question, I was wondering the same thing the other day.

    After reading this thread I created a couple of mouse macros in FSUIPC (one to decrease and one to increase) and it works great!

    I have a CH Eclipse yoke and have assigned those particular macros to one of the rocker switches. Pressing the left side decreases altitude and pressing right increases.

    Thanks much for the idea and answer.


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    Yes the mouse macro is a very useful part of FSUIPC. For example on the DF727 you need to click both aileron and elevator channel to have the AP on. Using mouse macros I have programmed one yoke button so that the press switches on one channel and the release switches on the other. So one button push to switch on the AP... quite neat i think.

    The mouse macro function will not work on all aircraft though. It depends how the code was was written.


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    I have CH throttle and yoke. With FSUIPC, I've programmed buttons for altitude alert, flight director, A/P, etc. Basically, I after I get the engines started, I can set flaps, spoilers, Nav radios without using mouse or keyboard. To retract the gear, for example, I've programmed the throttle on the yoke to toggle the gear. The mixture sets yaw damper. The throttle quadrant has enough buttons to set radios, altitude alert, pitch command on FD and A/P.

    FSUIPC is great for customizing.

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