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Thread: There seems to be a definite trend towards FSX

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    Default There seems to be a definite trend towards FSX

    There seems to be a definite trend for FS2004 users to be moving towards FSX. Probably the logical reason behind this is that the modern computers can now cope much more adequately with FSX. At one time, not so long ago, theres seemed to be a strong preference for FS2004.
    I'm curious about how readers feel about this - in fact I'm posting this on the FSX forum as well. I now have adequate computer power to run FSX, and would actually like to make the move, but have calculated that I'm in for a minimum of $300 just to get going and replace the basic payware scenery and planes I have. This, apart from the hours its going to take me to reinstall and to download the equivalent freeware scenery.

    What do you guys feel about the future trends? I'm not going into the comparisons between FSX and FS2004 as this has already been much discussed in the forums.


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    Quote Originally Posted by stankar View Post
    What do you guys feel about the future trends?
    i still see no reason to go to FSX. i'm happy to do all my personal 'FSing' on FS9.


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    personally i am happy with fs9. and if i were you, with ms flight on the horizon i think i would wait and see what that brings. i own fsx, but it's not even installed on my system anymore as it couldn't handle it very well, but it does a bang up job with fs9.
    - bernie
    p.s. no need to call me Capt folks, Capt Flappers is just a name my wife teases me with because of my flight sim obsession.

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    I think more are looking into it, trying it out. With my new PC build I have my AMD 6-Core at 4GHz. so my FPS are locked at 60FPS in FS2004 with everything maxed. I am in FS heaven! I am dabbling in FSX right now but even with many cool things up there I still am preferring FS9 in overall performance and simulation experience. Even if I OC to 4.5GHz. I still don't think I will get the satisfaction as I am getting in FS9. With my 100's of aircraft, scenery, and payware I will probably just skip over FSX and use FS9 until MS Flight comes out. At least that's where I sit right now on the subject, ha!

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    I have both FSX&FS9 but I'm always using FS9 because it's much better than FSX.

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    I still run FS9! My experieces...
    There is not many that FSX can and FS8 can't.
    There is many much more freeware for FS9 than for FSX. It looks like lots of aircraft that are offered as freeware for FSX, but very few sceneries are offered as freeware today. The reason might be that manipulating FS9 bgl is easier than manipulating FSX bgl, and lots of utilities exist to help editing FS9 sceneries where they are not available so many for FSX.
    You need a more expensive computer to run FSX as compared to FS9.
    FS9 is now almost free of errors after so many years of experience.
    Flightsimmers were tired of every second yer to switch to a new system, and prefer keep going on with a stabel system as FS9.
    So, that is it...

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    I've got both. FS9 is on my HD and FSX is in the box next to my PC.

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    I have owned FSX for 3, maybe 4, years. I keep going back to try it every so often. I have it installed on an external HD, so very easy.

    I try a flight or two then, after having no satisfying experience, I relegate it back to the HD. I just can`t take it seriously !

    I love my well tried FS2004, despite having bought it three times after waring out my Disc 4!

    And of course I have all my addons which, after many hours work, I have manipulated to my satisfaction.


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    Hi , please don't think i am daft but i do not know about MS Flight. Is this a new sim to be released.
    I have both FSX and FS9 on my computer.

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    I am agreeing with the majority if the comments posted,We've tried tweaking FSX with no success and like many of us, we have FSX in the box sitting next to our PC's (me as well)! FS9 Has a larger library of addons and flies pretty well and gives us no problems! Like many of us we are waiting to see what MSFlight is going to be all about, from what I am seeing it is a step up! If I am going to make a move to the present I am going to be leap frogging over FSX to FSFlight! (After reading many reviews ofcourse, mainly about performance!) FS9 until FS FLIGHT hits the scene yea baby!


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