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    Hi all!
    I has one question. Has anybody here complete collections for MSFS 4 from CompuServe? It was over 4000 files! I know, CompuServe is bought by AOL, but maybe somebody here has downloaded this collections BEFORE it was deleted (damned AOL!!!)?


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    cough cough cough (brushes away all the dust and cobwebs from the basement), is there actually someone down here in the basement! You do know the majority of us dont even know what FS4 is! try googling it or hit up BING! Stuff that is non existent usually find a home on that network to be discovered!

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    Well, I've asked about this and I don't think it is so "funny". When it will be so simple like "search in google" I will be do this! In fact, I 've DID this.
    And what mean "majority of us don't even know what FS4 is"? Did you never heard about Microsoft Flight Simulator 4? Are you so young? I'm only 30 and I've heard about all Microsoft Flight Simulator versions from 1.0 until FSX. And what is more interesting - in this forum is a special sections for MSFS4, and a special section for MSFS4 add-ons in File Library too.

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