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Thread: "Traffix X" vs. "Ultimate Traffic 2" vs. "MyTraffic X"

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    Default "Traffix X" vs. "Ultimate Traffic 2" vs. "MyTraffic X"

    I've been researching this for a week and still can't decide. Which one do you all like? I'd like whichever product is most professional and will affect frame rates the least. Thanks!

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    Those are somewhat incompatible goals.

    The most professional / best looking - will certainly have the higher polygon models - which will impact FPS more.

    All of those AI programs use low polygon models with several LOD.

    MYTX has the simpliest models, followed by TrafficX and UT2.

    I'd rank them in order as UT2 - TX MYTX for the visual appearance, and the flight model performance (Though about 30% of the UT2 models are MYTX models - mostly regional jets and Russian aircraft).

    As far as scheduling and realism - all three are now largely realistic in their schedules. Ultimate Traffic and now UT2 - have always used real world schedules while the other two were 'representational' in the past. But Traffic and MyTraffic have added significantly to their real world schedule component.

    But using real schedules presents a problem. If the schedule includes a repaint that is not availalbe, a model which is not availalbe - a substitution must be made. How the package does that varies - but the choice is either generic repaints, or missing traffic.

    All three give you a lot of opportunity to customize the setup, to add better models and repaints, to replace generic repaints with some that your find. The question is do you want to take an out of the box and not tweak it approach, or work to build a better AI. Your choice but most folks find they like to tweak AI.

    MYTX and TX both come with several hundred modified airport parking files - to supplement the default airport parking to handle the increased level of AI traffic. Unless you understand how those work, you may find they cause more problems than they solve - especially with payware or freeware addon airports. In my opinion, the default airports are good enough for AI traffic in most cases, and by now sufficient freely available 'AFCAD' files are available for the big airports which need extra parking. I especially value those done by Ray Smith.

    Often we see posts where people want to know if 40% or 60% or 70% of the AI traffic is more realistic for one of these payware packages. That saddens me because the person is having to choose to use less than they paid for - because their system cannot handle the load.

    I understand the desire to have a good AI world - but I'm also realistic about what it takes to run full AI. There simply is not a computer available today which can run full AI in the London area at 30+ FPS - with over 1,000 AI aircraft active between the five commercial airports, the GA airports and the military airports. Unless all the scenery sliders are turned down to bare minimums.

    I have purchased all three commercial AI packages - and have used the all in testing. But I've not used any of them as my primary AI for years. I use free packages from World of AI, many airlines I've custom built, MAIW military packages, UGA GA packages and occasionally airlines from UT2, with a few MYTX and TX aircraft for special FPs - for my personal flying.

    I recommend anyone first try World of AI for the airlines for their home airport area, see it their system can handle the loads - then consider where to go forward. It cost nothing but some time.

    Payware is a viable option in my opinion, but it will never be as complete and fulfilling as freeware you have personally enhanced.
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    Wow, thank you so much for the in-depth response. Part of the problem in asking about these is not fully understanding what they do and what I hoped to achieve so I'll explain a bit better. Right now with FlightSim X + Accelerator, even if I have traffic maxed out its not very immesrsive due to just 2 issues.

    1. Only a couple of airlines represented. In fact, I don't even care if I have "real" airlines. I'd just like to see a variety of General aviation, maybe a few military, and cargo plane type routing.

    2. Realistic routes and flights. I can't tell if the normal game is just making stuff up around me for temporary immersion, or if they have real agendas (Passengers or Cargo for drop/pick-up). Further sitting in an airport dock lacks a lot of detail.
    It'd be really cool if I decided to follow some big passenger jet and see it land, taxi, dock, spend downtime, then load-up, taxi out, and lift-off.

    I also assumed each of the traffic programs added a lot of detail to the airports, but like you hinted... I do need somethign that is easy to get running and won't kill frame rates too terribly.

    Reggie, I really appreciate your help. I'm looking forward to getting my build completed so I can "fly for real"

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    1. The default airlines are just a 'flavor' of what is possible. Real airlines are easier to load than trying to make up routes and alternate airlines. (Thougn one of the joys of FS is that Eastern, Pan Am and other deceased airlines can continue to fly)

    However, there are a lot of factors involved and it is very easy to schedule in so much AI traffic that it overwhelms the airport, both parking wise and runway usage. FS is NOT an airport simulator. It provides some functionality, but nothing near the flexibility and control of a real airport. A FS runway cannot handle more than about 20 to 30 operations, takeoffs or landings, in a hour. About half what an efficient real airport can do. Even less if the airport does not have multiple runways with full length taxiways. Back-taxi airports like TNCM or NTTA are lucky to get in 20 operations per hour.

    The payware packages focus on airlines. A little GA is provide by most. TrafficX and MyTraffic have some military - but nothing to match what is available from sources like MAIW (

    None of the payware packages, nor most freeware, add any more detail to the airport. Just adding the aircraft as moving scenery is the focus of each. It is very easy in FSX to overload airports with small details which are only visible closeup, and hurt FPS. As far as 'real agenda' - real airline repaints and models flying on real schedules, or closely representative schedules - gives you a realism/ purpose for the aircraft to be present.
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    I use Ultimate Traffic II with a number of AI aircraft and textures added. I like UT2 the best. I have tried the other software products. If you don't want to spend the money, Reggie is correct, try the World of AI to add traffic to FSX. It's free and the schedules are relatively up to date. UT2 does offer a number of options including quite a bit of GA traffic. I had to turn down the amount of GA traffic because it was interfering with the commercial traffic. With both the commercial and general aviation set to 100%, it gets way too busy. FSX ATC goes into melt down and never stops giving vectors, directions, etc. Hope this helps.

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    #2 for UT2 as well

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    On negative - a huge negative for me - about the freeware like WOAI, is it is not DX10 preview compatible. That's what I was told, anyway. I only play FSX with DX10 preview checked. Why? Frankly, it looks better, in fact significantly sharper. Second, my framerate in DX9 is 50% the framerate I get in the same city with DX10, without altering the sliders. Of course, unless you have a DX10 vid card and Win 7, it doesn't matter, but I do, so it does matter. I don't know why my framerate is twice as high with DX10 preview vs. DX9. I have very little technical knowledge, but I can read the framerate counter very clearly, and the stuttering I get when I switch to DX9 (all my sliders are to the right) can be seen by a blind man.

    That's my main beef about WOAI and other freeware packages. It's the same problem with most freeware flyable aircraft. No DX10 preview compatibility. Well, there are a few exceptions. Ant's Tiger Moth is DX10 compatible, for example. So, I prefer payware AI programs and payware add-on aircraft. I think you also tend to get a lot more features with payware than most freeware, but that makes sense. Finally, payware is always double click and everything is installed for you. I'm way too lazy to spend the time installing aircraft myself, then adding on cockpit boards, skins, sounds, etc. I don't have time for that and take no pleasure in it. I just want to boot up and fly. So I have MyTraffic 2010. Years ago I had the original UT. I liked it. I didn't like setting up flight schedules. As someone else already pointed out, TX and MYT are pretty much click to install and go.

    TX vs. MYT: On the plus side, TX does have some unique features like inside the ATC tower view where you watch A.I. aircraft take off; drive a luggage truck or some kind of vehicle around the airport, cruising amongst all the planes at the gates, and a few other things. MYT offers none of these. So why MYT? It's much bigger than TX. More flights around the world, more aircraft, more airports, big and small, with correct liveries. Both programs offer military aircraft and flights. I don't know if UT2 offers military, but UT1 did not. I used to own an earlier version of TX. I played around with the unique features once or twice, but quickly became bored with that stuff and went back to flying.

    All three programs are good. WOAI is good, if you don't fly with DX10 preview checked and don't think you'll ever use it. It's a matter of you deciding what you wish to do with FSX other than taking off, flying and landing amongst real world liveries and flights. Make your purchase based on what you want to do.
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    How do I play with DX10 preview checked? I have a DX11 card, and haven't seen "DX" as an option in the custom graphic options.

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    hi all i recently found two ai traffic packs for my fsx but i don't know which of them to buy or download ULTIMATE TRAFFIC 2 or TRAFFIC X?please help me!

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    Did you not read the previous posts on this almost 2 year old thread?
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