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Thread: A brand new Fllight Simulator... GA2K2

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    Default A brand new Fllight Simulator... GA2K2

    Seems to me that there is a new Flight Simulator available right now. Its called GA2K2!

    In FS2k for me it was all about Airliners and Navagation and ILS's. About calculation my decents or holds. Heaven forbid flying low (can you spell STUTTERING!)

    Now its all about trees and mountains and rain and other planes flying close to me. Its about how am I going to get this cubby onto that little bitty dirt runway way down there amist the trees and the hills.

    Im no prophet but I predicted that with the release of the Commander by FSD-International several months ago we would see a revolution in how we fly in FS2K2. Since then with the release of AFCAD, landclass mesh secenery, FSFlightMax, Reality XP, several great General Aviation Planes, Conifers, and many other wonderful addons flying low just keeps getting better and better.

    MS Flight Simulator gives all of us a chance to dream and play as adults and young people. They just gave us more choices in FS2002.

    The Microsoft Flight Simulation Development team gave us a vision and FSD-International sparked an evolution. Flight Simulator will never be the same

    GA all the way baby!
    Dennis Waggoner

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    Default RE: A brand new Fllight Simulator... GA2K2

    I have to echo your sentiments--GA all the way baby (that's a catchy phrase ;-), been using it for a while :-lol)!


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    pfrance Guest

    Default RE: A brand new Fllight Simulator... GA2K2

    Well said, Dennis.


    Peter France

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    Default RE: A brand new Fllight Simulator... GA2K2

    Hell - even I'm making more GA stuff....

    But then again, I've been working on the Lear since before FS2002 was even announced - so I think DF and FSD have little to do with that...:-)


    [font size=1]
    1.) We design for reality, not for idealism.
    Thus, you will not see virtual cabins on our aircraft. You can not see inside the real thing anyway, unless you are looking into the sun. You will find virtual cockpits but they will not be visible from outside for the same reason.
    2.) We design for people with real computers. Thusly, we will not waste polygons on superfluous parts. We will use a texture when there is no noticeable difference between it and a group of performance wasting parts. We will model our aircraft efficiently. If you do not like it, too bad.
    3.) We will give you the latest features, but we WILL NOT sacrifice visual accuracy to implement them. Accuracy comes before eye candy.[/font size]
    My name is Erick Westbrook-Cantu. I used to make flightsim addons. I may or may not endorse this message. I do, however, fully endorse Marshall amplifiers, Gibson guitars, and Tama drums.[hr][/hr]"This town is a dump. I'm never going to Las Vegas again." -Adam Donald Stanger: 1986-2015

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    Sonar5 Guest

    Default RE: A brand new Fllight Simulator... GA2K2


    Please sit down to read my response.
    Are you sitting....
    I agree 100% :-)


    I live for GA, and yes this sim meets my expectations thanks to the users who have developed add-ons. I wasn't entirely impressed in the beginning, but the community has come through again.

    Flying Geof's Debonair in the bush with Naji's add-ons, the conifers and the new Avsim base have made this type of flying a total blast to emulate.

    I am not sure when I will be flying in Alaska, if ever, but when I do, I should be familiar with it.

    Great Post,

    Joe :-wave

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