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Thread: Installing a new payware aircraft error: cannot install. cannot find FSX.EXE

  1. Default Installing a new payware aircraft error: cannot install. cannot find FSX.EXE

    I probably should be in the forum for the aircraft MFG. I have tried that and cannot find an answer. I am registered in that forum but cannot find where to start a thread about this problem. The forum is Aerosoft and try as I have I cannot solve the problem. I have had FSX installed for a couple of years and installed many aircraft and sceneries. Why do suppose this (MD11) install cannot find fsx.exe? I have tried Search in that forum and this but nothing appears that will answer this problem. I have FSX installed in its' own file on C drive not in Program files.
    Windows7 64
    FSX Deluxe with Acceleration and patches.

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    It may be looking in the registry for the location and perhaps the registry entry is incorrect.

    Have you tried using the free registry repair tool from the good folks at Flight1?

    Hope that helps.
    David "Opa" Marshall

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    Doesn't the installer have a browse button "./..." that you can use to point it to FSX?
    I don't have that particular plane but most installers I've used have that function...Don

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    At some point the Aerosoft installer will show you which folder it is going to install to - you can accept it, change it or browse to the correct folder. There's a step you seem to be missing.

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    If all else fails, try to place a dummy fsx.exe file in the default installation place and let the installer install everything there. Once done, copy over what you find there into the real FSX folder.

    The standard installation place for your OS should be:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X


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    Thanks for all of the replies. "Opa" was correct. The registry needed repair. The other replies were also correct that most installs give a choice to Browse for the path. This install did not even get to that point. The install did complete.
    Thanks again all!

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