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Thread: CaptainSim 727 FSX Missing Sounds

  1. Default CaptainSim 727 FSX Missing Sounds

    I purchased the 727-100 base pack and both expansion packs (-200 and F).

    Everything seems to be working well except I am missing some sounds that the manual says should be there. I am not getting an altitude alert tone. I do get the annunciator light on the panel, but no sound. I am not getting the seatbelt, no smoking, or call attendant or ground crew tones.

    Looking in the sound folder in the aircraft's folder, I see no sound files that would be for these missing sounds. I also see no corresponding sound files for these events in the main MSFS directory "Sound" folder, either. I wonder if this is an installer error. My main MSFS folder is in my OS folder, not in the "Program Files" folder. I had to do this in order to get FSX SP2 to install, it wouldn't do it when FSX lived in the Program Files folder.

    Anyone know how to get these sounds? The manual definitely says that they should be there.

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    I believe if you modify the sound.ini files as follows:
    These are in the Captain sim 727 folder,not the aircraft folder.
    Hope this helps

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    I got the sounds working by making the sound ini file changes above, and I also have to load the aircraft, then re-load it from the File menu within FSX. That made all my sounds work, most importantly the altitude alert!

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    I bought this bird also...took a gamble for $12.99 USD.

    ANyone know of any tutorials that are available? The manuals are good, but don't lend a clue how to fly or calculate v-speeds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davecat14 View Post
    I bought this bird also...took a gamble for $12.99 USD.

    ANyone know of any tutorials that are available? The manuals are good, but don't lend a clue how to fly or calculate v-speeds.
    There isn't a comprehensive tutorial that I know of, but if you go to the captain sim site, go to support, sign-in, and look for the knowledge base entries for "tips and tricks", there is a little article about flying an ILS approach with the AP.

    I've looked at several threads here and on avsim forums, and there is some info, but you have to weed through a lot of stuff to get the important things.

    So far my experience with it is pretty good, you have to be comfortable with some hand-flying and manipulating the throttles to get the right speed and configuration. The autopilot is pretty easy to pick up, but it is not so good at holding pitch, especially on take off and initial climb-out. I have to turn off the elevator hold and use trim to get things settled in, then turning it back on seems to hold pretty well, but you have to mess with the throttle a little to get it right. Some with when I descend. The manual control for changing pitch with the elevator axis on the AP active does not work like I think it should. It certainly is nothing like the HJG freeware 727.

    When I fly the default payload with 25 percent fuel to just go real short distances between airports to practice approaches and landings, I find that the speeds for approach and landing are quite a bit lower than I would have thought, and are lower than what you need for the HJG plane. I find that 25 deg flaps, maybe final approach speed of 140 or slightly less works well. The elevator axis is pretty sluggish as I start my flare and reduce power to idle. I really need to start trimming up a bit and pulling back for flare right after the threshold to get it right.

    That's what I've got figured out so far. I've done about 25 short practice flights so far, and haven't crashed yet! Having practiced alot with the HJG 727 has made this thing fairly easy to get going. I'm glad that they included a ctrl-E start! Eventually I want to do it more proto, but not for now.
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    Fuel flow equals airspeed when the airplane is clean and in level flight. So if you’re maneuvering to final and you want 250 knots place the fuel flow at 25. Works in the real one too.

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    This thread "died" in 2010.....


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    Quote Originally Posted by jorgen.s.andersen View Post

    This thread "died" in 2010.....

    Shhh! You'll wake the dead!
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    OH WELL .... at least the guy had the motivation to want to "search"

    So many others don't .... unfortunately


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