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Thread: Has been refuted before.

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    Post Has been refuted before.

    I had this theory refuted before but I never gave enough detail.

    I think you can develope bad habits in flight sim and then take them into real life lessons.

    I have this habit in flight sim of pulling back on the stick on landing roll after there is not chance of lift off again as a way of slowing down a bit faster.

    I probably should not post this but maybe I will just delete it later.

    I took a lesson with a really good instructor. On landing roll, well, you can guess what I did. But it was almost like a death grip pull back on the stick.

    I asked the instructor for another lesson and he said he was busy.

    I guess I can't blame the guy for not wanting to work with me. Really I didn't have the money for any more lessons any how so I guess it worked out for everyone.

    I guess you all will tell me t his was a really bone head post.

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    I would think that a "really good" instructor would tell you if you have made a bone-head move. That's what you are paying for isn't it?
    I would expect a complete debriefing with itemized critique. Not just, do this, do that, seeya...Don

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    I agree with Don. You pay an instructor to learn, if you had the skills and experience of Chuck Yeager would you need flying lessons?


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    But what you are saying is true, I agree. You can develop bad habits.
    If you are a real pilot and start simming youŽll also bring habits from the real life that many simmers dont have, like check weight, temperature, etc before takeoff.

    Regarding your instructor, I once made a similar mistake, also deadly, I levelled too high in a Navajo, and speed dropped suddenly...dangerous.
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    What you did was not bad at all, so long as you don't jerk back on the yoke. My real world instructor would tell me to do the same to put more weight on the wheels.

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    Its good airmanship to hold the nose off the ground for a number of reasons. One being aerodynamic braking. The problem I find (as an instructor) is that some people pull back too much too quick.... resulting in a stall (if still in the air) or the plane goes flying again. Neither of which are huge problems IF you identify and correct quickly.
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    This was not a bad post at all, and you're not an idiot. Every pilot has done things he's not proud of, especially as a beginning student, and every CFI has been around the block a few times.

    Your instructor was the bonehead. I've seen students yank bank hard enough to get airborne again, and a good instructor will seize the controls while adding full power and stabilizing the aircraft into ground effect before determining if there is enough runway remaining to go around or land again. This really isn't that bad of a situation, most instructors have seen far worse. This situation is very unlikely to damage people or property.

    It's his job to make sure you are both safe and closely watch to the point where he can take over before things get out of hand. Don't worry about that clown, (and he is a clown) he failed to take control and he also failed to INSTRUCT you on the proper thing to do, and to prepare you for your next lesson.

    Your next instructor will turn you into the pilot you can be. You absolutely can bring all your bad habits from the sim with you, but at least everything feels natural and you know your gauges. That puts you head and shoulders above most applicants.

    Every pilot has had a bad instructor at one point or another. I've had a few. They aren't in my life anymore, and I'm a safe pilot. The more experience you gain, the more you learn what qualities and behaviors to emulate and ignore in your previous instructors. You're learning already!!

    Go get another lesson.

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    Still waiting for the perfect flight.

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