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Thread: Creative Sound Card Holy Smokes??

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    Default Creative Sound Card Holy Smokes??

    I had problem the good old Crackle pop sound of speakers 5.1 Altec.
    Sound card SBAudigy 2 Value
    I did a search on this site, thanke for a number of ideas, tried everything, even removed, and reinstalled Creative, what a pain in the you know what? Creative to me is the worst to remove and install.
    I gave up. the Cessna C208 seem to be the problem taking off, cracking sound, soon as wheel left the ground no cracking, and when I landed in the water would be a terrible audio destort sound like, then I was thinking of Bill Lyon's Plane Luscombe it was OK land or water, love his work. I made changes of the C208 sound CFG, got it to be not as bad. Then gave up.
    Latter after going back and forth of System Restore because of Creative, then ended up where I left off.
    Latter this evening tried it again, now everything seem to be OK, so I up the sound CFG of the C208 almost where they were, still OK.
    I have not flew for a bit, been to darn busy. Friend was over and he wanted to fly, had a great time. That's when I notice cracking problem. Did not make any drastic changes, and my L drive where FS9 is is not Monitored to restore, so don't know why this WAS happening, I quess you would call it a Computer Glitch?
    Now it's time to fly and back to having fun now that I'm stuffed with turkey.
    Now for the real good new update, I had moved again my Target FPS to unlimited, I get 100-200FPS, anyway tried it again and Cracking was back, yes what changes did I do, right, and lowered my Target to 50FPS, and Cracking gone for ever. That was it unlimited FPS was it.
    Now to bed with a piece of mind. Finally!
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